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True about tofu - I just remember the pediatrician recommending it for ds1... No need for it though.Thanks Forest!
Forest, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Just sending love and hugs.
Well, K is eating tons of solid food... I have honestly not been very organized about it all. I've kind of lost track. Part of the problem was his daycare... They would give him stuff unbeknownst to me ... Yep... So we actually quit the daycare and got a nanny. But ANYWAY, he eats so many things now. He has been really into scrambled egg (yolk) this week. I started him on yogurt and cheese recently. He loves whole milk plain yogurt. My older son did NOT like it at all at...
Christen- what is Cushings Syndrome?Is it odd that I know SO MANY women who have been diagnosed with some form of thyroid/hormonal imbalance after pregnancy? Seriously like 5 or 6 close friends in the past few years. Maybe it is a common occurrence that the pregnancy hormones screw with our health...I am so relieved to hear your doctor seems to be on top of it.
Oh, Onemore! I can imagine the thought of 5, and the fact that D is going to be a big sister stirs up some complicated emotions. I think you are amazing and your family has always sounded incredible to me - Just curious - what's the gender break down of your kiddos? I always imagine all girls ?Are you due in October? The stuff around D's birth - it's great that you and dh are starting to deal with it now. There is so little we can control... But i find that getting the...
Holy Moly congratulations!!!
Wait WAIT, onemore - really!? Wow! Can I just comment (for the thousandth time) that I love coming to a place where we are all at the exact same stage? It's great. I love you ladies Kai turned 9 months on 2/14. Then I turned 35 on 2/16. 35, with two sons. Huh, who knew. I'd always thought I would have daughters. Kai has 6 teeth, 4 on top, 2 on bottom. He seems to have stopped biting - hoping I didn't just jinx myself - but I do think it was the ear infection/cold plus...
It sucks! It's still here and heavy! It's like my uterus is making up for the 18 months without a period with this one. Blergh
Well-- yes it was my long lost period after all... I was initially kind of excited to get it this morning .... You know, 18 months with no period felt like a decent stretch... But now that I am crampy and bleeding and whatnot, I am like, wait, what was I excited about!?
Yeah I am totally expecting it any day now... But have been for weeks or months?! I think my body can't figure it out because of all the pumping and then some days not pumping- pretty sure that if it weren't for the pumping I'd be producing a lot less milk and would get my period. Who the heck knows. I really appreciate not having a period since ... Ummm August 5, 2011?! ... But I also feel premenstrual and crampy so I would rather have some answers.
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