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Homemade Berkey Tutorial: http://www.alpharubicon.com/kids/hom...erkeydaire.htm You still have to buy the actual Berkey filters, which are the spendy part, and its not stainless, rather food grade plastic, but if lack of funds is an issue I think its a good alternative to nothing.
By far the best site I have seen is http://theplacewithnoname.com/blogs/klessons/index.html Very extensive. And not a tin foil hat in sight. ) I'll be back to post more later.
Quote: Originally Posted by FreeRangeMama Hey, are you calling my kids clutter? j/k
Quote: Originally Posted by LHarris I hope that your big kids are helping! There is no reason why they can't. I am due with our 6th child in August and my little ones are really picking up the slack. On top of starting MM, we've made MOTH schedule and the kids are loving it. I understand your predicament. My dh isn't working a lot of hours right now so he's taken over the washing of the laundry; I just have to hang and fold it. (We don't have a...
I hope no one thought my observation was a criticism. That why all the I just found it interesting. I spent a lot of years acquiring stuff. But now I am finding that having one thing for each person that functions well and we love is better than tons of thrift shop/garage sale/hand me down things. My 12 passenger van (on a 15 passenger wheelbase) still stops at garage sales. I am just very picky about what actually comes home with me. Now it is things we actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by amyamanda We are pretty minimalist compared to most people we know, especially when it comes to kids' stuff. Over time I really worked hard to figure out which toys get played with and which things can be let go of. I was stunned to see our toy collection shrink so much once I started doing this. From the start, all of our toys are common to the family. No personal ownership of toys, with this exception: Each kid has a...
Just read through the whole thread. Am I the only person who finds it humorous that the majority of the posters "only" have 2-4 children? Not exactly what I'd call big. But lots of great ideas here!
Doing the laundry is easy. Its folding that is the big bugaboo. Hoping to spend this summer getting the kids to each have their own day and do their own laundry. (Fingers crossed)
I fix shot elastic diapers. Its how I got our first stash, because DH fell critically ill so I had no time, and no money. The pp had the prices right. I'd keep your MEOS and 6-8 covers that fit and a dozen premium PFs for emergencies. Maybe a few toddler pfs for changing pads for super nasty diaper changes. List them for what you think they'll go for, then don't be afraid to lower the price. Getting a couple bucks each is better than nothing! Just be sure you are...
Diapers. There is a no sew tut out there where you use them as prefolds, or they make the best fitteds! Soft, stretchy and absorbant!
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