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Here is a 19w3d belly pic for those of you who are feeling like your belly is big... ;D http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h1...ne19w3dpic.jpg
For all six kids so far we have not found out what we were having. We currently are G-B-G-B-G-B. The kids are begging for us to find out this time, and everyone is telling us from my pattern its a girl. We decided to find out this time. My u/s was this morning and we found out what we are having. Here is a 19w3d belly pic for those of you who are feeling like your belly is big... http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h1...ne19w3dpic.jpg And here is a pic of the wee...
I lost my plug last week at 18 weeks. I generally walk around dialated to 4 or so the last month or so. I don't usually notice losing my plug anywhere near labor.
Hmmm. Upon reading, that isn't the one I am looking for. I am guessing the one I am looking for is the original mama in Queensland who inspired this mama. Still looking.... anyone?
Found it! http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/news...71421012.html#
Quote: Originally Posted by MommytoC The second is what is termed a "gentle cesarean," and it's receiving a lot of flack because the slowness of the procedure has the potential to cause the mom more blood loss than is necessary. I'm not defending or criticizing. I'm just pointing out things I've read about it from the critics. And...umm...I think putting the words "natural" and "c-section" together as a unit is, well......I can't imagine anything...
Quote: Originally Posted by MaryLang http://www.reuters.com/article/healt...rpc=22&sp=true I think I remember seeing an article that had pics a long time ago, but can't find it. Yeah, I thought it had pics, too. It must be the same article. I REALLY want to find it!
There was a c section story out there (I think it was a blog, but maybe not..) where the mom wanted as close to a natural birth as possible and she managed to talk them into letting her scrub up then get betadined and gloved and keep her hands in the sterile field and then at the appropriate time she got to pull her baby out (once the head and shoulders had been delivered by the Dr). I'm pretty sure it was a former British colony like New Zealand, Australia, or maybe it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mamatoabunch Doing well here, just started third trimester. Getting lots of projects done. So what projects are you working on? I want to get a bunch of meals in the freezer, but I figure I need to wait until closer to my due date. We are working on house projects, right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie Hey there! I'm 36, so this is my first pregnancy "of an advanced maternal age." This will be my fifth baby. Welcome Annettemarie! I am a member of the Annettemarie fan club!: Welcome to the old biddy club! I'm glad to see another mom of many joining us! I'm 40, but depending on birthday, I may be 41 when the baby gets here!
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