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I'm with Dawn. We are having Linda at Mothers Own for our first homebirth. : I have known her for probably 16 years. She has all the medical knowledge as well as all of the midwife's mentality. And our insurance will cover it! I had the CNMs at U of M for 4 of my 6 births. A lot of them have moved around or left and new ones have come since I started seeing them, but I think they are great! Unfortunately, they do work within the confines of the rules of UofM (eye...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaFern my new house comes with the most lovely couch and chair set..and i nee d to make slip covers for them.. i was researching fabric and how to and i came across the most simple way of making one! Painters canvas sheets from the hardware store (unbleached and large but way cheaper than buying it at a fabric store) and just a few simple pinning & sewing steps and voila! anyone have any examples of making your...
Can you tell me more about how you play the chore game? Thanks!
Not only no, but oh, h#ll no! They may say it is their policy , blah, blah, blah.. But tell them it is your policy not to have unneccesary procedures. They may try to sell you on a hep lock, but I'm with you, I hate them too. I have no veins, the ones I have roll away, and IVs shut off themselves after about an hour and I HATE being all over bloated with fluids from the stupid IV. But you do have to realize that they probably need to do them for an epi. (Although IMHO...
I went from D to G. Totally normal. They will probably go larger when your milk comes in and then go back down to end of pregnancy size or slightly smaller. You really need a larger bra and shirt. You will be much more comfortable. I'm sure your hubby is thrilled.
Wow! This is uch a great thread! I actually have a dehydrator, I need to dig it out and learn to use it. I also water bath can and just got 2 pressure canners. 1 needs a new gasket. (I'll probably replace the other while I'm at it) and they need their gauges tested, but our extension lost their testing equipment, so I need to go over to next county over to get it tested. I'm a little nervous about explosions, though. Any words of advice? Is it like birth where you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Daisie125 Katie, I never in a million years would have thought you were 40 - seriously. I guess I never looked at the age of your oldest Have I mentioned how much I LOVE you!?:Yeah, I could be younger if you look at the age of my oldest. I was 24 when she was born, and she is 16. Perhaps its the acne mixed in with my wrinkles that makes you think that. Or it could be a big thank you to Miss Clairol.
My breasts are long enough to lie on my back and both can latch on on their own side. : Usually I get the baby latched and then roll back and let toddler latch herself on.
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