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I went dairy free when I was nursing my DD (she has IgE allergies).  I used an awesome coconut milk creamer made by So Delicious (at Whole Foods). 
My 5 year old DD went up on her RAST test last fall.  I was so sad as others talk about losing food allergies where hers just got worse.  The only thing for us to do is to wait and retest at some point.  But she would need such a significant reduction to make a difference that we probably won't do the RAST again until she is 7.  She has been having more seasonal allergies so we will probably do more skin pricks this summer.  Not looking forward to that!
JuiletD, Go to the SCVCS website and look for events.  They are having year-end events around the state next week and are welcoming those of us interested in learning more about the school.  I went to an event in April and met a mom who was able to share with me what my DD's kindergarten experience would be like.
My DD will get virus induced asthma (and some with her food allergies but that is another issue).  We use Xopenex with the nebulizer as the side effects are much less.  It is expensive if you don't have insurance.  I would get samples from the MD office.   Does your DD have other signs of allergies, like eczema?  If so, you may want to try to eliminate dairy from her diet.  I don't see any harm in add your milk to her diet.  It could help boost her immune system.
Stick with nursing as long as you can.  It was hard on me at times but we managed for over 3 years.  I wished that I had kept some sort of record of my daughters signs of allergies when she was young.  As she got older it was harder to remember what her reactions were early on.  She is 5 now and we pretty much know her allergies and have to avoid them.  I am hoping that your son just needs a little more time for his system and that this will only be a memory by the time...
He is a cute baby.  My 5 yo DD has multiple food allergies.  It does sound like he had a reaction to the peas.  We saw signs of her allergies early on (hives from kisses after DH had almonds or cashews) or a face rash when she had the tiniest amount of yogurt.  For me the easiest thing to do was delay solids and focus on keeping my milk supply as allergy free as possible.  She did not have bad reactions to my milk even if I ate her allergens, but she did have eczema...
I am considering using the K12 school here is SC for my DD next year.  She will be in kindergarten.  She has multiple food allergies, making a traditional school a hard choice.  My son goes to a charter school in the Charleston area for middle school.  Several of his classmates used the K12 program for elementary school and do quite well at school.    
My 5 yo Dd does have multiple food allergies.  We can't go to places with peanuts due to the airborne dust.  Did he have any other signs like hives or redness to his skin?  We did not know my daughter had a shellfish allergy and used to go to a place that had an open kitchen and cooked lots of shrimp.  She would get fussy and start to cough while we were there (she did not eat anything).  Later we found out about her allergies and it explained the coughing.
Are you giving them more of something that could be causing this reaction?  My DS would have explosive diarrhea if he had too much juice.
Have you tried epsom salt baths?  They helped my DD when her skin was bad.  I would let her soak for 20-30 minutes than use lotion right after (I use vanicream because she reacted to everything else).
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