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All holidays are tough for us due to my DDs allergies (peanut, tree nut, egg, dairy and shellfish).  We don't have much family in the area and don't make the effort to travel because of the food allergies.  The only way we can relax is if I control the food for the family (Thanksgiving will be at our house this year).  An Easter spent dodging eggs and eggshells would be more than we can handle.  Like your DD, mine has had the puking due to some minor exposure.  My fear...
When needed, we use the nebulizer every 3-4 hours.  We use xopenex as it has less side effects than albuterol.  We also use pulmicort with the nebulizer.  It is a steroid.  When we first had to deal with my daughter's asthma the MD gave us liquid albuterol and steroid.  That did nothing but make her hyper.  I was able to get them to change it to nebulizer treatments.  I think the MD was trying to save us money as the meds for the nebulizer are expensive. 
My 5 year old daughter gets asthma, usually associated with viruses.  This started when she was young so we have a nebulizer.  I find that the nebulizer works better for coughing associated with congestion and wheezing than the inhaler.
It could be a sulfite reaction.  I think there was a thread in this awhile back. 
There is Whole Foods in that same general area.  Spring has started here and should be beautiful for your trip. 
My 12 yo son loves the Yorktown and can spend a whole day there going all over the ship.  The Medal of Honor museum is nice for war buffs.  There is so much history between the forts or houses downtown.  For a nice family walk, the Pier Park in Mt Pleasant is enjoyable.   My daughter has food allergies so we don't go out much.  But we have had great luck feeding her at Wild Wings in Mt Pleasant and Virginia's on King downtown.  Both will do chicken breast plain and...
I forgot about Angel Oak.  It is a very old, big tree that is great to visit with little ones.  It is not far from Kaiwah.  Perfect for an outing and great photos.
You are not a far drive from Charleston at all.  If you do want to drive to town, your children are a good age for the Children's Musem.  If is not very big but entertaining for the little ones (and near King Street for dining/shopping).  Not far from Kiawah there is a local farm (Ambrose Farms) who just opened their u-pick strawberry patch.  You'd have much better luck with directions searching both online than for me to try to tell you the way.
My 5 yo DD recently had a red patch like that.  I thought it was from daddy's unshaven face.  But it lingered then turned dry.  I do think it must be allergy related but k=can't figure out to what.  She is allergic to dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut and shellfish already.
My mother-in-law lives a days drive away, which is a good thing.  She loves her grandchildren but just can't seem to understand that things like cheese puff do in fact contain dairy and should not be eaten in our house.    I am so sorry that your DS had a reaction.  I agree that you and DH need to be together on steps to keep your DS safe.  The next exposure may be worse.
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