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A little massage with finger dipped in apple cider vinegar helped my DDs scalp.  She had crusty areas but no open sores.  At the time her eczema was clearing up due to further food limits (she has IgE allergies).  Her scalp just would not get better but the ACV helped and it has stayed clear.
Is he free of food dyes?  It was a trigger for my DS when he was younger, especially red dye.
I am glad that this thread is getting back to the OP request for help with her church.    We were very active in our church prior to my DDs food allergies.  Two months after we had been to the ER due to exposure to peanut butter my older DS had Vacation Bible school.  They had lunch with family after the morning activity.  I came with DD in tow to be with DS.  We could not stay in the room due to the lunch menu being self made PBJs.  That started my quest to get my...
I was never able to get our church to respond quickly enough to the changes needed to make the nursery safe for my DD (she had anaphylactic event at 22 months and is highly allergies to peanuts and more).  We had to change the way we went to church (even tried a new church that did have good policies, but DH was not happy there).  I tried a letter, e-mail, phone calls and even sit down with Pastor.  Changes have been made but DD is now 5 so too late for her.  This was...
I sure hope we never add soy to our list of IgE allergies...so much info to keep straight!
Jason makes a fragrance free shampoo and conditioner. I don't see soy listed on the bottles, but I do not know all the various names for hidden soy ingredients. I got it through Vitacost. It works fine on my straight hair but I have not used with DD yet (she has curly hair). For her, I use either California baby or Free and Clear shampoo by Vanicream.
I'd look at her diet first. What kind of carbs is she eating? You may want to look on the allergy board for threads about allergies and behavior.
My DD's eczema was from eggs. At the time her skin got bad, i knew that she was allergic to dairy, peanut and nuts. Once I pulled egg from my diet (she never really ate them) her skin improved. There are other veg. mamas on the allergy board that have had to deal with this issue.
I couldn't read your post without saying that I am sorry this happened and hope that your DS is better. I don't have any experiences with seizures in my family, but have seen them with patients when working as a PT. Good Luck with the testing and waiting.
My DD is due to allergist for testing (haven't done in over 2 years since her IgE levels were so high). I sometimes use homeopathics for runny nose (allum cepa) or hives (urtica urens). I know not to use antihistamines 5 days prior to skin prick testing. Does anyone know if that is the same for homeopathics?
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