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Sorry that you are having to deal with the smoke issue. It would bother us,too. I don't have advice for that but just wanted to throw out that your DS may be reacting to food/dyes (or even the smoke). My DS, now 12, had behavioral stuff going on that got lots better when we changed his diet (diary and dyes are big triggers, now they just trigger acne!).
How about Kettle Corn? The vendor here is safe for my allergic DD.
I am so glad that he was fine thoughout the night. For my DD it was a natural coloring (annatto) that caused the GI upset. It is made from a tree seed and seems to be showing up in more items. I can't imagine your stress with the loss of your child, and dealing with food allergies in another child. My prayers are with you.
Hope that your DS was OK last night. We had an episode with DD that she threw up all night long. I would find out what he ate in case it is something new.
I'd get an Epi-pen ASAP as his reactions can get worse. My DD had a full blown reaction to peanut where i wish we had an epi-pen. She is also allergic to dairy and egg. We got her first Epi pen from the ER prior to seeing the allergist. By the time she had her work up, we were already avoiding all the allergens that they identified. I was still nursing and took them all out of my diet.
I put ice packs in the cooler bag yesterday around 12:30 and emptied it around 6:30. We were outside here in SC (though I did seek shade). The packs were stilll cold. Just be sure your hotel refrigerator has an ice compartment. We got stuck in a hotel for a wedding that did not and it made things a little harder.
We deal with the same IgE allergies with DD (along with shellfish). I have small thin ice packs (left over from a Medula pump that I use to carry a cooler bag with safe sandwiches for her). Have you scoped out the area? We spent a weekend in Atlanta this summer. We rode the subway to downtown. There may be a Whole Foods somewhere near the route or your hotel.
I have never tried it personally, but went to a workshop years ago on Reiki. It is an approach that deals with mind/body healing. He may have emotional trauma due to the accident that is preventing the physical healing. Try doing a search for your area. You may find a Chiro familiar with the technique, which would help with insurance coverage.
My DH had a DetoxiGenomic Profile done by Genova Diagnostics as recommended by nutritionist. He is scheduled for kidney stone removal through his back on Monday. This test was supposed to give list of meds to avoid as he has had trouble in past with chemical sensitivity. I have the report which basically says that he takes a long time clearing things out of his system (probably why his dad was alcoholic and died of lung cancer 13 years after quitting while his mom is...
Are his eyes a little swollen? He is cute. For my DD, she gets warm when she has had hives from an allergic reaction. Not a real fever, more of a low grade elevated temp.
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