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Sounds like the first exposures my DD had. I did not take the warning as seriously as I should have. It would have helped to have an epi-pen when she had an exposure to PB that resulted in a serious reaction. I strongly recommend you contact MD and get an epi-pen. Benadryl would help with the hives.
Is it an open sore? My DD had some areas of scales. I dipped my fingers in some apple cider vinegar and did a little scalp massage. I let it sit for 10-15 minutes before shampooing. It helped clear her scalp. I would not do on an open sore as the vinegar would hurt.
She should be teaching you exercises and how to manage your pain at home. You may have a better fit with a Physical Therapist, in most states that would require seeing an MD for a referral.
Dark circles are an allergy sign. Are there any other signs (eczema, strange stools, poor sleep)? Do you have an allergic family ( my DD has food allergies, while my DH and I have other kind of allergies).
I think the problem is that the school is being so vague. I appreciate you asking, as the mom of an allergic DD! For her school, the preschool teacher talked to the parents about what is safe and not safe to have around her. The rest of her school strives to be nut free (they were told not to say they were nut free due to liability issues) but the other parents did not get the details as parents in DD's class (she has multiple food allergies). Sometimes it is a matter...
So DH has been feeling off for awhile. He has tried many different approaches to improve his health. He thought he had diverticulitis until this Sunday where his pain was 10/10 requiring ER visit. CT scan showed pinppong size kidney stone (and small others) with kidney dilation. He is so have percutaneous surgery for removal hopefully beginning of October (we are still waiting for schedule). His pain is better for now but he is abit anxious. Any advice to help...
I'd talk to the director/principal. There must be some sort of policy in place for dealing with food allergies. And if it is non-existent one, it needs to be developed.
Did he have a change in environment with school starting? My DS spent 1st grade in a school room with bad air. He coughed at night more than day.
I am interested in same question. DD will be 5 in october. She does carry it if she goes out with daddy, but it is in a little shoulder bag.
Jane S - That is interesting. When I look back at DS growing up ( he is 12), he had signs of food intolerances but we did not have knowledge to notice. DD is 7.5 yrs younger and with IgE food allergies making us all more aware. I need to research this more. Thanks for the insight!
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