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Is there a chance that he could be screened for scoliosis by the nurse at school or HCP? It could be functional due to growth spurt versus structural. A physical therapist could teach him some back strengthening exercises. We used to go into the schools and do screening by having the kids stand straight, then bend to reach their toes. If a curve like you describe was noticed it was referred for further assessment.
Thank you Huntsville mamas! I am dropping my son off at Space Camp on Sunday. My other travel companion is my food allergic DD. I was worried about places to buy food for her, until I read that there is an Earth Fare (which is near our hotel).
Hope that you meeting went well. I agree with you that 23 months is too young to expect him to keep himself safe.
It looks like alot of potential problems. You are right to be concerned about the sharing of food. What is the teacher to child ratio? Do adults sit with kids during meal? I have vivid memories of my non-allergic DS eating food right out of his seatmates hands. My allergic DD (dairy, egg, peanut, treenut and shellfish) reacts airborne and to contact. She can't be around other kids eating something like goldfish crackers since the residue gets all over the place. What...
My DH gets terrible headaches with peppermint. Doesn't seem to bother my allergic DD, but just a thought. We use Tom's of Maine but that is out for you do to the strawberry.
I am sorry that you are having to face this with your DD. My DD has multiple food allergies. Like you, we did not have a history of food allergies but did have environmental allergies in both myself and DH. I do have a cousin with a DS with food allergies. Our experiences with DD when she was young was random hives and slight eczema. She did not appear to react to bm. But if my DH at nuts then gave her a kiss, she would get a hive. I used some lotion with milk...
My DD has IgE allergies to dairy, egg, peanut, treenut and shellfish. She will be 5 in October. I considered weaning to help her skin. Instead, I made sure my diet was free of her allergens. It was not easy but we lasted until she was over 3 years old. I am so glad that I did because finding safe food she would eat was not easy. We had an unfortunate event due to a peanut cookie from her brother (not a fun way to find out about the peanut allergy!). She was 22...
Seeing a PT could help by getting an exercise program focused on strengthening your thigh muscles. It could only be one or two visit for a home program. You'd want to do that before any surgery anyway, so now seems like a good time!
Sorry that you are having this experience. You may want to cross post or repost this on the allergy section of this board. There are other mama's dealing with these issues and can be a source of support for you. You may want to figure out if it is allergy related before you switch to formula as that can be very allergenic, too. I know that is easier said than done, but you to realize formula may not solve his problems only make them worse.
Is she allergic to banana, as that is related to latex? My DS (who is not the one with IgE allergies) once got hives following a dental appt. I since avoid latex with him. I would ask the dentist for a list of ingredient used with your DD. It could also have been the flavoring used (did they clean her teeth?) or dyes.
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