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Hello,   I am seeking resources on a difficult topic.  My nieces friend committed took her life this week.  The loss is very fresh and a bit complicated.  I am looking for ways to support her.  Are there any books recommendations or other resources?  There is a childrens grief network in town that she may use.  It is times like these that bring up a lot of questions about life and I want to find a way to support the process.   Thanks so much.
My son had torticollis from a traumatic birth.  He received PT but did not get fitted in a helmet to mold his head.  It turns out he may need glasses.  One ear is significantly lower than the other.  Has anyone else experienced needing to get their child glasses with irregular headshape? I assume there are certain types of glasses that would be better and maybe a tight strap would help to keep them on.  He has not been able to wear sunglasses because they fall off, so I am...
My almost 11-year-old daughter has been having intense emotions atleast once a month.  She has not begun to bleed yet.  Is there any advice on how to support this? ANy good books for me to read or her to read?  We are approaching a very sensitive time aside from the monthly intense emotions and trying to find ways to rise above it all.  My DD has a tendency to argue at anything I say and it is very draining.  Just looking for some guidance. Thanks.
Hello,   My son needs glasses.  Any recommendations for affordable child glasses in ABQ? I think I would like to get 2 pair to have a backup. Thanks.
Hello,   I am reading Shannon Hayes book Radical Homemaking and thought we could start a thread here about the ways we embrace radical homemaking and share ways we could support each other.  If there is interest I will elaborate more about the things we are doing at our house, the struggles, and our dreams.   Looking forward to connecting with others.
One of the more current things I have been doing which saves my family money is to prepare quick meals ahead of time.  I got a free bread machine and I make pizza crust.  I make pizza and freeze it so that we do not find ourselves ordering out when we are tired or rushing in and out of the house.  I also make large batches of waffles to freeze to save money and offer a quick breakfast option.    Another way that I save is to go to bakery outlets.  There is usually a...
I am a longtime couponer who eats a vegetarian diet.  I find the target coupons you can find online with the $5 giftcards to be really helpful in this respect.  I often use coupons for yogurt, nondairy milk, popsicles, pasta, veggie burgers, eggs, health and beauty products, paper products, pet products.  I do not buy the paper because I rarely find coupons there that I will use.  I download most of my coupons off the internet or get them inside grocery stores.  Mambo...
raise.com might have some discounted subway giftcards to help with that expense.  I would look up the chamber of commerce for the area you are visiting.  A lot of times they will have coupons that may come in handy.    We just came back from Disneyland on a tight budget.  Checkout mousesavers.com for info on discount tickets for the ones you need.  If you are thinking of getting some souvenirs there you might find sales with a free shipping code online at the Disney...
It is 4th grade and she just turned 10 on Wednesday.  I just got caught off guard with life regardless of the norm.  Thanks for the suggestions.
Thanks for the suggestions.  I just ordered New Moon.
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