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That maybe all of this natural consequences stuff is creating a spoiled rotten brat out of kids that would otherwise be fine?
I have a friend who wants to knit socks (just like me!), but since I have never done it before, I'm not sure how much sock yarn I should buy her as a gift in order for her not to run out. I have no idea what pattern she will be using. A guesstimate would be really good, though. Help? Take care, El
Quote: Originally Posted by Knittin' in the Shade how about a pair of slippers? I'm thinking some cute little slip-on mary janes would be ideal. The spa/salon I go to always has slippers for people to use when they are going from treatment to treatment in the spa I was going to suggest the same thing. I think a headband would be nice too. I bought a headband/small facecloth package from here: http://binkin.etsy.com (I know you want to...
Wow - they are absolutely beautiful!
I personally did not regret my mother being there at all. Originally I had thought that she would just be sitting in the main area and not actually there with me, but she ended up being right in the room with me (I think midwives assumed that she would, and I wanted her there when the time came). She was a WONDERFUL support to me, and I was so happy she was there to see her granddaughter born. Take care, El
I would vote for about $5/hour. I know that the going rate around here is $20-30 per day... and you're going to be there and it's only 3 hours at a time. I'd definitely ask what they were thinking in terms of pay, though. Take care, El
I would get a full set of knitting needles and some wool or yarn if it were me. Take care, El
Great work!
Quote: Originally Posted by saganaga ellemnop sewed me a fabulous one! I have photos of a few advent calendars in my flickr photos. Ideas for 2009: creative advent calendars flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/561389@N24/ Thanks, it was fun to make. Take care, El
Quote: Originally Posted by BellaLuna Rayne Is it just me or did the last segment equate home birth with unassisted birth? I thought that too. They mentioned a midwife a couple of times, so I was kind of unclear as to whether they were talking about UC or Homebirth. Take care, El
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