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I had a C-section with my first and have also had a successful VBAC with my second.  I'm hoping to have a third sometime soon and we have moved to Chattanooga.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a provider that is VBAC supportive? The best hospital? Doula recommendation? Thank you!
DDCC I TOTALLY do! During my pregnancies I have had moments of almost feeling a little panicky because I start to think about what it might feel like in there and it starts to make me feel clausterphobic and I start to worry the baby might feel that way too! Totally irrational pregnant woman thoughts
my sister and her husband had picked out a boy's name. Boy was born, and in the hospital, her DH confided in my mom that he really wanted a junior, but was afraid my sister would be upset. Mom encouraged him to talk to her about it since it was important to him..... He did, and it surprised my sister, but she agreed. His name is VERY VERY common, but it was a very important thing to him. The son is now nine, and I can't imagine him being called anything else, and he...
My point is that the teeth or limited number really won't have any baring on choking, which is what the OP is concerned about. My two year old just got his molars, but he has most definitely been eating solid food for a long long time.
I would have expected a positive by now. Since you did them last week, I might try one more this weekend, and then take it as a no.
I get it, and I do NOT think it is socially acceptable! Such an odd question-"did your birth control fail?" "Did you MEAN for him to finish inside you?" is what they are really asking. None of your business!!!!
I just wanted to add that the number of teeth has no bearing on readiness.... Think about it, when you eat, do you use chomp your food with your front teeth?? My DS2 got his first teeth at 5 months, and now at 9 months has eight. However, he doesn't actually really use ANY of his teeth to eat-he chomps and chews with his jaw, which won't have any teeth in it until he is well over a year!
My DS2 has been gnawing on pizza crust since about 7 months probably....
I don't talk about my children's vaccine status with my in-laws-perhaps you might consider not talking to them about it That said, I wouldn't go on the trip with my two month old (vaccinated or not).
I know sometimes people in my life (particularly the older crowd ) don't always know how their privacy setting are set. Could you possibly just address that? "Hey MIL, I noticed that you don't have your facebook privacy settings on-that means anyone and everyone in the whole world can see what you are saying and posting on your facebook-would you like me to tell you how to fix that so that only your friends can see your stuff?" I don't allow my kids to be...
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