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My three year old loves to be read anything including chapter books. He'll listen for hours... usually longer then my voice lasts.
Ya know, I leaked more with number 1 than number 2. I leaked for much longer with number 1 as well. I regulated right away with number 2. I think everyone is different though.
Mine didn't get bigger or shrink. They just stayed the same size. I do like the bras by Decent Exposures. They'll make any size you need and you can get nursing flaps or not. They are pricey, but really nice. I think they would be forgiving if you were off by a size.
http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/spring/BatHouse.html I love designs by Carrol Henderson from the book Woodworking For Wildlife. It is a great book. It looks like someone posted the design on that web site I posted above. I adore bats! They are so cute.
Another Gestational Diabetic here. I went totally no sugar (no jelly on toast even). I also ate small meals 6X a day, eliminate the white stuff, and walk at least 20 minutes a day. I kept my sugars in check ok that way. This is a decent book: Conquering Diabetes: A Cutting-Edge, Comprehensive Program for Prevention and Treatment by Anne Peters
Ha HA I thought you were going to say something really bad for me and I was thinking I don't need to know about it. I love puffed corn cereal!! It is a great snack!!
If you have a masters you may be able to teach (college) online from home. I've seen web pages for people who interpret dreams so some people are doing it for a biz.
I have not heard of it, but maybe you could combine it with Weekenders so you could have both adult and kids clothing. I used to know someone who did Weekenders and I got a nice knit suit for job interviews.
Quote: National Geographic Kids is pretty awful, but there's always Ranger Rick. Oh, that is too bad. Are the ads bad or the articles? Does Ranger Rick have ads?
I was going to suggest New Moon as well. Also, if you have a chance to go to a book store check out National Geographic Kids and some other science type magazines maybe. I'm not sure how much advertising are in some of those so if you go look you can see for yourself.
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