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Aviendha is doing amazing! She turns 6 months on Sunday and is so vivacious. She is completely in love with her puppies and when having a bad day, will stop crying if one of them give her kisses. She rolls over both ways and sits by herself. She twirls in circles and loves her toes. She doesn't crawl yet, but stands while holding onto our hands perfectly well. She has just started reaching out to me to give me "kisses". We've just started solids, and so far she...
My daughter does that too. She is 5.5 months old and sometimes, she'll stop nursing just to lick the nipple. It's amusing.
Our living room in our duplex was about the Dazzle color from the link you sent. I LOVED it. We had it for the 4.5 years we lived there and it never got old. With the wood trim, it looked clean and inviting. Also, we had wood floors. Our living room in the new place is white, which is fine because there are so many more windows that its light and open and I'm loving it (even though I'm a color girl).
We had them for 3 months as well from my parents as a gift before moving on to washing them ourselves and didn't have any problems at all. I would think it would be cheaper just to deal with them yourself if they are being stupid with you. Crazy.
So, we just recently moved out into the country and I'm very excited. We are just far enough from the city that we can't get high speed internet, have to take our trash up to the top of our hill to get picked up (also where our mailbox is), get our water piped in from a stream, etc. And I want chickens! When in college, I went to Germany with my roommate and we had fresh eggs there every morning along with fresh baked rolls. They were so delicious! I could also eat...
I HATE doing my hair. Loathe it. I have long hair and put it up in a bun. Pretty much every day. I have two types, but all are done while wet and with only a rubberband. The first is a ballerina bun. The second is a messy type where I kinda fold my hair into the band. The front is sleek for both kinds, just depends on the type for how the rest looks. Finish it with hairspray. Takes about 3 minutes from brushing to done.
I just say "I'm going to pump". Although, occasionally I'll throw in a "moooo" or "milking time" or "Time to be a cow", depending on the person and how tired I am.
We didn't have a homebirth, but I must say that my baby is almost always SUPER happy. She only cries when she needs something, and even then, the cries are more of a "Dearest daddy, I would greatly appreciate a fresh diaper". The only times she cries really hard is if her poor intestines are causing her pain or if she is really REALLY tired. So it sounds like its probably a bit of the type of baby she is. At least that would be my completely unmedical opinion.
A link to our photos, organized by week: http://s223.photobucket.com/albums/d...anna/Aviendha/ And a video of Aviendha telling us all about her day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQrVqqRKOtM
I pass her off to DH who takes her in and dries her off, gets her in her PJs and snuggles while I dry off.
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