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raw potato on it  or for homeopathics Dulcomara, just add water flatten it on a cotton ball and place on wart.  
thanks so much!! I need to get better at taking weekly pictures!!  
I've been on the lookout for some pants lately too. I'm at that awkward in between stage where my jeans are not fitting any longer but maternity jeans I have to pull up every other step. I'm ready for the cooler weather so I can wear leggings and long sweaters and tunics or dresses with tights.
Here is one from me at 16 weeks ago and how we told everyone.  
I'm on the fence. We found out with our first two and did not find out with our second two. It really is fun waiting and having that extra surprise after they are born, but at the same time since this was an unexpected pregnancy I am having a much harder time connecting and I feel like knowing the sex earlier might help with that. We also have 2 boys and 2 girls so this little one will be the tiebreaker.  We still have time to decide though, so I am sure I will waffle...
I am so miserable with aversions and sickness, I would just like to crawl into a cave and hibernate until it's over. I struggle so much to eat or drink anything. I am meeting with a midwife tomorrow that is is also a naturopath doctor so hopefully she can give me some advice. I really hope this is a first trimester only thing.  
I would love a healthy living thread too. Although right now I am struggling greatly to eat anything my food aversions are the worst they have ever been, I cannot think of anything that sounds good to eat, and last week everything was coming back up so I finally got some Zofran from my doctor. I am hoping that this ends with the first trimester or eases up because I know my nausea is worse when I don't eat, but I have to force myself to eat anything right now since...
Name: Maria EDD: (estimated due date) January 13 (probably need to do a dating ultrasound because I have irregular cycles) #Pregnancy/baby:5/5 Your age/age at the birth: 33 Family: DH and I have been married for 10 years, dd1 8, ds1 7, dd2 5, ds2 18 months (birthday 11/16) How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?)  I wasn't feeling great and took a test thinking it would be negative, I was probably 3 weeks or...
I like Sebastian Blue I think it's cute.   Other names   Sebastian Trey Sebastian Reece Sebastian Zane Sebastian Quinn Sebastian Jax Sebastian Graham Sebastian Finn Sebastian Cade Sebastian Kai
I've been keeping Grayson in a onsie or sleeper and then swaddled in a blanket, he gets really hot at night sleeping on me though.   I have been so weepy lately thinking about how big he is getting and he will only be 2 weeks on Tuesday. It seems like it's going by too fast, I almost wish I was pregnant again with him so he could be little a bit longer, is that weird or what? I'm also sad because we didn't get any of his birth on video, it went so fast that we didn't...
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