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Thanks for the response! Turns out it was a dairy sensitivity created by the antibiotic! Her older son had the same thing happen to him when he was younger, rash and spitting up after antibiotics.
Quote: Originally Posted by jdaina Hi Christina! I've been living in Slidell for about 3 years now and I am STILL searching for organic, natural, alternative minded people and places here. Now there is a farmers market every saturday morning, but it is mostly conventional produce; we get most of organic goods from Whole Foods in New Orleans, but it is far and expensive. At least our local grocery stores carry some of organic products (Rouses especially)....
[QUOTE=ronjenspain;14690386]HI!!! I'm a CM I just moved here not even 2 weeks ago how old are your kids?[/QUOT Hi there! Welcome! My two boys are 17 months and 3 years old. Sorry, but what does CM mean?
My friend is having trouble with her 7 month old exclusively breastfed baby. He recently(not this most recent past week but the one before) had a cold and was put on antibiotics, then taken off because she didnt think he needed it. This past week he has started spitting up large amounts after nursing and today he has broken out in red spots all over his body, even his head she says. He has also been unusually fussy. Im not sure if its because of the antibiotics, or maybe...
I haven't been here in awhile, I just noticed my name is still up. I miscarried. I was due April 3rd.
I'm so sorry I am going through my own loss right now as well and the pain I feel is unimaginable. It is so hard, I can only imagine your pain is at least as deep for you. And then classes on top of it all.
This is why my husband wishes I were pregnant all the time!!!
Wow, this is a rough spot to be in for sure! I hope that you find peace with whatever happens! I would have to weigh my regrets, and for me, I would have to chose doing whatever it takes to keep my baby alive. I realize that this is a really personal decision and only you know what you are capable of so please don't take this as judgment. Good luck mama! Be kind to yourself whatever you do.
Since it's obviously worrying you, it might be worth looking into. If it were me, I would probably be resting as much as possible, taking nice long baths, drinking some relaxing tea or wine, don't do anything that isn't absolutely necessary. I tend to ignore things until it's impossbile to ignore, but I also follow my gut about things like this. Have you had any spotting or bleeding, anything to signify cervical change? I hope you are able to relax and calm your fears!...
I spent a good bit of time on mine during labor, it was wonderful. I sat on it in between contractions and stood up and leaned over a table during contractions. The ball was very comfortable and I'm really glad I had it. I won't labor again without one.
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