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I'm glad to hear the surgery went well. A massage therapist sounds like a great idea. That's very thoughful of you. They say body work helps speed up healing time. Sending healing thoughts her way....
I don't do them but every time I turn around my husband is trying to give me one! : On a serious note, I am sorry to hear about your Grandmother Lisa.
How's the book, are you done yet? I just read something about this book, I think it was in the Times. I didn't realize who the author was, I had heard of her before. She's an amazing woman. I have to get this book.
I'll second the Super Baby Food book, it had lots of great tips and recipes.
Well I just asked DH and he says that he was able to tell. There was a difference in taste and odor but he could not pinpoint exactly what. But then again, we don't really need that much info....
lunasmom- that salad sounds absolutely delicious! I think I may just attempt it.
Well I am definately not an expert on all AP kids. I do know that mine have not had any security objects thus far. My DD is 8 yrs and my Ds is 11 months. I however, sucked my thumb and slept with a security blanket until I was 18! Let's just say that my Mom was DEFINATLEY not AP. I didn't stop sucking my thumb till I got pregnant! :
Oh Firemom, that is so cute. It's great that you are acknowledging this important milestone in DD's life. She's a lucky little girl. I'm just curious, how does it feel for you? Are you sad or just totally ready to be done? BTW- I remember you from the other site also, which I do not go to anymore.
I don't usually add anything to my salad. To me, it's the dressing that makes it great. I use mesclun greens and whip up my own dressing. 2/3 Olive oil 1/3 Balsamic vinegar big spoonful dijon mustard salt and pepper to taste big spoonful honey mix together and shake it up- very yummy I also try different variations. Olive oil, balsamic or red wine vinegar and rasperry jam makes a nice dressing.
I haven't heard of this one yet, I'm going to check it out. I have always had a fascination with Middle Eastern culture with an emphasis on the oppression of women. Have you read Unveiled, Mirage, Princess or Arranged Marriage? They are all about women in the Middle East. Interesting reads, though some are less well written then others but I can't remember which because it's been a while since I read them.
New Posts  All Forums: