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My children's needs are extremely important to me, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they get through this as best they can. Part of me feels like a widow, because the man I *thought I was married to is gone, and in his place is someone who only looks familiar to me. :(  
Thanks so much for your kind words Robin, they're truly appreciated!
Hi Everyone,   My name is Maureen, and once upon a time I joined Mothering because I was a huge fan of attachment parenting (cloth diapered, nursed into toddlerhood, co-slept, etc), but as my girls grew older (now 8 and 13) I fell away from the community. As I was online today trying to do a little research, I came across this forum, and realized how much I needed it.   I recently learned that my husband of 15 yrs has been involved in an affair with an ex high...
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