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Oh, do you mean like island stranded? Or survival, trapped? Lost? I really liked "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" by Aron Ralston. True story about a guy who had to cut off his own arm after being trapped by a falling boulder.
Don't know if this is Indian. But there is a singer named Devendra Banhart. I love him name... Devendra. Oh and I've always liked Lakshmi for a girl. And Sadira.
Hey there! I started out at 10 mg Lexapro as well. Then it pooped out and I went up to 20, then 30. It didn't help, just made me feel "medicated". Now I'm on 20 mg Lexapro PLUS 150 Wellbutrin. Lexapro is for the seratonin, Wellbutrin for the dopamines. It's helped and rather quickly (a week).
That's a tough one. I agree with if you don't move now, when will you? In fact my Mom told me that before we moved to Alaska. We used to live in our hometown, 3 blocks from my parents! When DS was one DH got a job offer in Alaska and we took it! We LOVE it here and don't regret it. But it broke our parents hearts, even if they were completely supportive. We're both close to our families. We'd love to stay here, but it's not "home" without family. So, I say meet in the...
So I've been dealing with MDD/atypical for 4 years. Started taking Lexapro finally a few months ago and it helped, but not so much anymore. At all. Never felt so awful. Gained 20 lbs in two months, avoiding people, wearing the same sweatpants everyday, crying all the time. My psych. pretty much fell off the face of the earth (going through a divorce I think) so I found a new one. I had an appt. last Wed. at 9 am (office opens at 9). By 9:30 I ask the recep. what's going on...
Well technically it doesn't require a gym membership... I joined a masters swim team. It definitely keeps me sane, I always feel good after swimming! Plus after in the showers lots of girl talk happens!
JASON Organics Kids Only! Brand is what we use. It's extra gentle and doesn't make his eyes sting.
Personally I don't believe the word "fail" should be even part of pregnancy/birth language. Having a miscarriage isn't failure, TRYING to have a baby isn't failure, giving birth in a hospital isn't failure. I understand your fears, but even saying the hospital staff failed you last time IMO is harsh. Everyone wants the same end result in this process. I had a cesarean for my son and I certainly don't feel like a failure. His 9 days in NICU were the longest and hardest of...
I don't know if this is "healthy", but I use a box of Envirokidz organic chocolate rice cereal, 9 c marshmallows, 2T organic butter and 1/4 c organic peanut butter to make "rice krispie" bars. My family loooves them.
Hello North Dakotans!! I am in awe of how many are here! I'm a North Dakotan, born and raised (Fargo)~but live in Alaska now. So many crunchy Mamas on here, wow! :
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