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Hi everyone.. I'm on CD 5 right now. Could you Move Me To Waiting To O   Congrats Sarah!   Good luck this month everyone!
Hi Ladies- I've gone missing for awhile.. this new format has sent me for a loop lol   Anyway- I'm still just waiting around. Can you move me to WAITING TO KNOW?   Thanks!   Good luck this month ladies!   PS anyone else feel like there is either a baby or an entire turkey in their bellies?
This? or maybe this? not animals but fun looking That's all I got! Good luck in your search. It sounds like a fun book!
Okay ladies- ready for another pile of my weird?? Please excuse what I am about to say, as it is overly personal and a bit.. as my two year old would say.. yucky. So, for the last 4 days, instead of my period, I have had very light yet very dark brown spotting. I kinda just thought it would turn into a regular period, but it still hasn't. I tested again today (still with those same old batch that gave me the evaps) and it came back negative. Now it seems to be going...
Thank you everyone so much for walking me through this. I just want to know already!! I did start taking a prenatal this past cycle and I just looked and it does have a few B vitamins in there. So I supposed to missing period is just a result of that, and not pregnancy (taking into consideration the negative tests). I took another negative test this morning. So still negative but still no sign of AF.. and the wait continues.. Anyone else waiting to know around here?
Well, if the kids want to eat.... Does she offer them your provided snack first? If I were to use a babysitter, I would also pack a snack. But, if the snack has been eaten and the kids are still hungry, I would be thankful of the sitter for feeding them out of her own cupboard.
They are definitely driving me insane. Yes, they are all from the same batch of IC's. So I took another dollar store cheapie I had this morning and it came back negative.. I'm so frustrated! This is day 2 of my missing period. My last 5 cycles have been exactly 29 days. Could I still be pregnant?
well I tested the next morning and there was nothing so I figured it was just nothing. Well, I tested again this morning and looked like nothing. Then I went back about 10 min later.. another line. this one pink and more in the right spot (I looked up where it was supposed to be lol) So, what do you think? In the 4 months of TTC and all the test I've taken (obsessed) Ive never had an evap.. and 2 this cycle? Today I should have gotten my period. No signs of period,...
I voted 1-2. but two is only my max during the week. I have a beer or glass or wine most nights. Then on the weekend I might have a night I have more. I'm not getting plastered but I'm certainly not driving. And DP will not drink and then the next weekend we will switch.
VERY good news! great work mama! may I ask a question? Do you know if state insurance will pay for a homebirth? I'm in NY too ETA my happy dance:
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