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So this just came up so I thought I'd ask here, if you are traditional Catholic, do you know more people IRL who are like you or online? I would think you'd know more people IRL since we'd clump in parishes, but some comments on the general Catholic threads make me think that's not true. Of course, I think AP and traditional Catholicism in obedience to the Church are perfect together, so it makes sense to me that families would practice AP! So, do you know more...
Quote: Originally Posted by JenInMpls maybe their cans are a lot bigger but I buy Baby's Only direct from the company for $10 a can. But thank you for thinking of me! As much as I am grateful that it means my baby won't starve, I hate formula, and I hate bottles even more. : I didn't know/couldn't remember what you used. If my milk supply won't stay down to reasonable one baby level, I might need to know where to get that formula. I was...
There's a parish about 20 minutes from us that does TLM. They rented a giant billboard on I-75 to get more attention, LOL! Anyway, I just read in the dioscen magazine that when that priest retires, the parish will be closed. We want to go and try it, but I'm afraid we'll get hooked and then it'll close! BTW, total geek here, anyone watch LOST and notice the Latin used as a secret code?
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdymom Teffer - I love living near DC. The city is close, and there is always something going on. I can't wait ti' DH and I get a place of our own. We will be within walking distance of the Metro, which will be a wonderful advantage. Right now we go and stay with his parents, since they are so close to the MD side of the Metro. Next year if we are living closer maybe we can offer you a couch to bunk on... ...
I just saw a good deal posted on Baby Cheapskate for Earth's Best Organic Formula for $22 a can! Cari? Jen?
If he has reflux, do whatever you can to make him happy. I know that sounds silly, but reflux is painful, especially when the baby lays down, so if the swing is working, stick with it. It worked for my son who had severe reflux, and we used it whenever he needed it. Have you considered an Amby? We didn't use one with my son (just raised the head of his crib), but I considered it.
: nak - it's working! sage + cabbage is working!!!!!!
nak - have you tried probiotics?
Quote: Originally Posted by provocativa Hi, I don't have time to read all the responses, but gluten intolerance causes excess prolactin (which makes non nursing folks spacey). I had oversupply issues before I quit wheat. . . . Kerry Ann, this is listed in the back of the book Dangerous Grains (by Dr. Braley? Bradey?) in the list of the 150 + medical conditions that gluten intolerance causes. Very small print, in one of the appendices. Prior to...
3 hours was what I read for block feeding, so I figured that was the best I could do. I can try to go longer. What if I used cabbage on the other side while it was off-duty? I'm reading through the nutrition thread, but I don't think I had any food intolerances. I have had yeast problems in the past. However, the problems the mamas on that thread have seem alot like me!
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