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When I filled out my fafsa, I was awarded a pell grant and two different type of grants for Florida low income residents. Whoo hoo! (Only got the pell grant in NC.) Now, my community college offers scholarships and loans. I have not applied for the scholarships yet. In FL, if you qualify for subsidized child care, it is easier to get it for babies/toddlers/preschoolers. IF you get it for school aged children and the funds are available, you only get it for...
If I were in your shoes, I would find something very part time if for no other reason to keep job skills current. What does your husband feel about the situation? Good luck on what you decide. Hope
12 hours this semester and I am NERVOUS because I will still be working 40 hours. math psychology humanities political science Hope
Not sure what the law is now, but I know in NC when I got divorced you could NOT live in the same house- you HAD to be in seperate houses. Hope
I was a sahm in NC for ten years. In NC, the legal aid now DOES cover family law issues. When I got divorced, they did NOT. Talk to them, although unless your ex agrees to lie and say you have been seperated for a year and can provide an address not sure what they (legal aid) can do for you. Unless you win your case with a ton of child support and alimony, you are going to need to work hon. Even if you were to receive food stamps, you would have to...
Not a worry wart at all! You should hear the questions I have been asking my young adult college co-workers! I start school Aug 25, whoo hoo! Hope
Is this a community college or 4 yr school? I know at a community college, you would be eligble as long as the college knew your goal was to apply for the nursing program. When I was on that path- years ago- the college put "pre nursing" down as my program. Hope
I was at home for ten years with the first marriage/children. I went back to work four months after my last child. I think it can be very hard to go back to the workforce after a long absence. I actually had employers LAUGH at me after the ten year stretch. Even if you do not go back full time, I would find something part time. Hope
I speak from many bad experiences. Beg borrow or steal to get this handled by a lawyer. Get the child support. End of story. As one attorney told me recently, I could have spent $500 and saved myself $50,000. what if i wind up totally impoverished and he tried to use that against me to sue for full custody down the road? Yes, that can and does happen. i loathe the capitalist system with every fiber of my being and hate hate hate money, so why should i...
You need a custody agreement. Do it now while you get along. AMAZING what can happen to people over the years. Hope
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