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Afterbirth glow- my second born caught on quickly.
  Tandem nursing my (at the time) 2.5 year old and 9 day old.
I have to concur on My Neighbor Totoro. It's such a magical movie, and my two year old adores the story and characters. Ponyo is also very good and is coming out on DVD this week I think.
Pears. Something about pregnancy makes me really crave sweet juicy fruit. Last time it was nectarines. Of course, not all of my cravings are so healthy. Last night when I was inexplicably awake and trying to fall back asleep, I kept fantasizing about toffee, the chewy soft buttery British sort. Yum.
How often do you completely wet her hair/scalp between washings? I'm biracial myself and find that drenching my hair in the shower between washings does wonders for my scalp. I'm not saying you should do this everyday, but it might help. Also, I love love love the products from Blended Beauty. They're too expensive for me to use all the time (although much less expensive than the cost of keeping my hair relaxed- never again!). There are product lines for different...
Quote: Originally Posted by jenjenl18 I want to make a nut butter cookie for my son but have yet to find a recipe- anyone? I found this recipe for Hazelnut-Butter Cookies with mini chocolate chips and used cashew butter instead. If you don't care for chocolate chips, you can omit them. The cookies are scrumptious. I've made them twice now
This really is horrible. Did you see the page that detailed the products that contain mercury? Poptarts, Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt, Hunt's Tomato Ketchup, and Smucker's Strawberry Jelly are just a few. The report has some great suggestions of what to do about it: Quote: HFCS as a mercury source is a completely avoidable problem. HFCS manufacturers don’t need to buy mercury-grade caustic soda. And the chlorine industry doesn’t need to use mercury cell...
I'm not sure. I have frozen lentil soup with success but it was a soup so the texture wasn't a big deal.
Ooh. That really incenses me. Yesterday I was looking at stewed tomatoes for a recipe and ALL of them (at my store anyway) had high fructose corn syrup. DH and I have been avoiding HFCS like the plague ever since we found out how bad it is. Turns out we didn't know just how bad.
You could try golden syrup if you don't mind sugar. It's basically inverted sugar syrup. I used it when making caramel and it worked well.
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