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I was actually about to update this thread, I did indeed go to the ER Monday night when I nearly passed out from the pain of peeing. :/ The doctors were very sweet and helpful. They were shocked to say the least regarding how bad it was. What they think happened is that I had a little bacterial infection (I had no symptoms so it had to be very mild) and then the HFM sores appeared and the infection took over. They did a pelvic exam and I had them all inside my vagina and...
My kids go to bed and wake up with the sun so it depends on the time of year.
Omg I just looked to see how bad it was and I was horrified. Huge lesions, grayish in color and my entire vulva is swollen severely... :/ I don't have health insurance or I'd be at the hospital right now!
UPDATE: Post #4 is an update. I am keeping this up in case someone else in the future has the same issue. It was so hard to find info on this.   I got HFM from the kids and it is brutal. I haven't eaten in 3 days because my throat hurts so bad. But the worst part is that I have sores in my vaginal area. I can hardly sit and as of today they've started bleeding (I'm guessing the sores popped?). I know for sure that it's HFM, this strain is more likely for adults to catch...
These are my top 3! I struggle with the family picture thing..I ended up just doing family pics of the four of us, they seem ok with it. :)I second your positives. :)
Oh I would definitely sue, your son deserves compensation for his pain and suffering!
Do it, then be like "well i did it because youre being a douche." ;)
I have 3 and I agree with pp. Single parenting 3 is easier than coparenting with an ass.
Can you put in an income withholding order?? In Tx our judge said he'd be in contempt if he's late..
Thanks, I think we're all happier and better off. :)
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