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 Thanks, that's kinda what I told him. It's an hour a day, 2 days a week and I get $30 per donation. I can't think of a reason that I shouldn't..
Sold my old pos van and my wedding rings for $1350 and added $250 from donating plasma to my savings. Still need to sell my w/d set and some baby stuff but I'm feeling so much better..glad to put some cash in my safe.  My dad is upset with me for donating plasma, they mutilated my arms the first time and it was really ugly. Black and blue 8X10 in bruises on both arms. However it's $240 a month and that covers gas money...
I would discuss it before actually doing anything official. Thank you for your take on it and yeah your last sentence is a very good point. 
Yeah that would be acceptable...we live in a multigenerational home and everyone else, including their god parents, have my maiden name. I worry that they will feel alienated for having different last names.
This is something I've thought about a lot. I've gone through all the pros and cons and all the options (we all keep his, I change mine and the kids keep his, change mine and hyphenate theirs or change all of ours) and I think I want to change all of our names to my maiden name. Or at least hyphenate. I am 99% sure he won't even read the parenting plan so I can include the exclusive right to change their names.   But what goes into all of that? Where do I go to file the...
This is the first time I've been part of a debate with people who grasp straws and try to force correlations so desperately...the right to not vaccinate (an invasive medical procedures with risks) does in no way compare to sleep habits, piercings, dress codes or anything else lf the sort. I expect more from the "educated" people on the other side. So far this debate isn't worth even reading through.
I thought the first thread specified "sleeping in", not lack of sleep. Regardless no matter how you stretch it, ones sleep habits does not compare to an invasive medical procedure.
Dress codes and sleeping in do not have health risks. Personally if I had no choice, I would lie. Or I would join an "acceptable" religion.  
Thx, thought I got all the names. :)
That equals about 97/3 custody me/him but he agreed to it and that makes the difference.
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