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So I thought I'd share my parenting agreement in case it helps someone else or someone sees something wrong with it. The Court ORDERS that each conservator shall comply with all terms and conditions of this standard possession (visitation) order. The Court ORDERS that this standard possession (visitation) order is effective immediately and applies to all periods of possession occurring on and after the date the Court signs the order to which this exhibit is...
:( I hate when bad things happen in clusters like that. Thank you for reminding me to include braces in our parenting agreement though, just in case the kids want them. Groceries are killing us too. Today I restocked our produce, milk, yogurt and coffee. $60. Sixty. Freaking. Dollars. 
I would be interested! My only debt is student loans and my car so while I love DR, I don't feel like his plan is super applicable. Plus single, student mom stuff.
That sounds so stressful. What is the big deal if he gets distracted while eating? I never make my kids sit at the table if they're not hungry, I just put away their food until they're hungry and then they eat it.  You are making food a power struggle issue (you WILL eat) and food is one thing that you can`t control (sleep is the other). You can do your best, set rules, yell, spank or whatever but you cannot force him to eat. Turning it into a power struggle hurts your...
 Thats what I'm thinking...He's 5, 47 in and 53 lbs. We had moved kids around  and put the baby in the diono, the 3 yo in the britax frontier and the 5 yo in a booster. The 5 yo has autism and is not mature enough to sit in it correctly (we thought he was, nope). Because he's such a big kid I feel like a britax frontier 90 would be the best buy over the long run but ot's so spendy. I guess we could temporarily get a new baby seat, put the 3 yo back in the radian and the 5...
Thanks everyone, I have no idea what stbx really did but he told me it was "an accumulation of things over the past year". He's a screwup, I dunno. I'm between classes so I don't have time to catch up on the thread but I'm hoping to get some input. I have 800 saved from taxes. I can't decide if I should use it to: buy a carseat (high priority), savings (I have none) or pay off most my cc debt (about 1000 total). What do y'all think?
Omg. Stbx just called to tell me that he is losing rank and may be kicked out of the army. I am depending on him paying child support to get us through my schooling. I feel like he's trying to get kicked out on purpose so he can go back to being a pot head living with his mom. Uggghhhh.
Got our refund today..promptly paid off our non-functioning van finally and a couple small credit card balances. Left with $300 for each of us (me and stbx) but no debt except my car. Now I can sell the piece of crap and put whatever I get for it toward carseats and/or my car.
I know this has probably been said but holy hell I love living without the pressure to have sex. LOVE it. I'm going to school now and absolutely love learning. I don't have to be on edge about keeping myself between him and the kids constantly.
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