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I have read it several times and always love it. Before now I read it as a sahm and army wife...next time I read it I will be reading it as a single mom of 3 kids and student...I'm going to school for accounting so I should be able to work from home and still be a homemaker..
We did. My youngest was around 2 and he got pneumonia afterward.
I'm still here, working on my finals and stressing out over the $5000/year not covered by the pell grant...
I have considered vaxing as well, but I thought I'd let you know that the 2 biggest concerns for you are 2 things I wouldn't worry about. The vaccine isn't very effective for whooping cough, up to 90% of kids who get it are vaccinated. For tetanus, it's so very rare. If there is a wound just make sure it bleeds and clean it well.
5 year old, 3 year old and 8 month old..all intact, no issues, I know I made the correct choice.
Do you think 13 is old enough to be out until 3 am?
Hi! San Antonio is about 3 hours from us, it's a big city so I'm sure there's a lot of "like minded" peeps. :)
He moved across the country and started over, he was devestated to say the least..he was an ap daddy.
I know a guy who had joint custody with his daughter for 3 years before he was told he wasn't the father. DNA test confirmed it. It's better to know up front, you did the right thing. Grieve what you've lost, but breathe.
Thank you, I appreciate your taking the time to reply. He does believe he must follow the parenting plan and the pediatrician said she will assign him a social worker if he can't stop corporal punishment (our oldest has autism, corporal punishment is highly discouraged). I have taught the boys that no one is allowed to push them and the oldest has (without my prompting) started yelling "Hey, you can't push me!" when stbx is rough with him. It pisses him off (so...
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