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Hey All,   I'm wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for marriage counselors? I'm looking for one that will not tell me that sending my children to public school would solve all my problems and hopefully in and around Glen Burnie. I have asked a few friends but the only thing people have told me is all the ones they have gone too were not good therapists:(   Thanks for any help!
I agree! We go through so much fruits and veggies and I'm not able or willing to substitute that with carbs. My advice: Grow your own, we have a 1200 sf garden that has really produced this year home can on cheap in season buy bushels of seconds (apples, tomatoes) look for discount produce bins at the grocery store Anyone else have suggestions?
We line dry and I do laudry everyday.
I will try baking soda tonight after workout. Has anyone tried oxiclean has that helped? The unsented sports washes I'm finding on amazon are $$$$$, I would like to avoid shelling out the money if I can
Hey Ladies and Gents! I know this is a bit off topic but I could use some help with the laundry! I workout 4-5 days a week and my workout clothes are starting to STINK! This seems to happen every summer I'm at a lose as what to do next. I wash with free and clear detergent (about 1/2 the recommended amount) and vinegar then line dry. I have try soaking in vinegar. I've tried natural enzyme cleaner both in the wash and soaked in. I broke down last week and bought...
Quote: Originally Posted by rugbymom We did go gluten free, because it seemed like we might as well just like a previous poster said. You guys could be right that he's holding out for something, but I would think that he is verbal enough to tell me. He did ask for bologna today, but that's really the only thing he's asked for specifically. It is a definate possibility that I'm not getting all of the little tiny glutens out of his diet. I'll go...
My organic market just got a new prouct.... Certified GF OAT flour! If oats don't bother you I would say try it I made some hamburger buns that were so good with oat flour! It's made by Bob's red mill, maybe you can order it online if your local health food store doesn't carry it.
2nd the chilcare, but if you don't want something full time, try a gym that has child care. I did this from the time my yougnest was 11 months till she turned 3. They usually have short shifts, you can bring your kids with you and you get a free gym membership!
Quote: Originally Posted by wholewheatchick Cut way back on meat consumption. Beans and eggs, and even cheese, is way cheaper than meat. Not always true. Cheese = $4lb Chicken= $.99 lb ground beef= $1.99lb bean yes, eggs most of the time, cheese not true (except for the wic cheese, lol)
Man it must be a "special" kind of month for scoail services! We file all our paperwork jumped through all these hopes just for them to say our time ran out and our kids medicaid was getting canceled! DH was down there for 1.5hr yesterday and 2.5 hours today getting to straightened out. He has one more thing to get to them in the morning, so much for the job hunting this week! He has an unemployment hearing tomm we are keeping our finger crossed as exboss is basically...
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