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OP-I LOVE Fiona and Felix!   We are considering completely lost for girl, but a boy will most likely be Henry.
We'll be finding out. Though I'm 99% sure it's another girl. I'd be FLOORED if it was a boy. But I'd want to know.
I'm trying to figure out what the extra expenses will be for this babe. I still have our infant seat from DD, she moved into her Radian at 6 months, so I guess by July/August we'll be needing another Radian or convertible. DD is in a crib, but I think by the time the new babe will be in it, DD will be ok to be in a toddler bed. I use a bassinet/co-sleep until about 6 months. I have the same old second hand swing, high chair, and bouncer, it's most likely going to be a...
I'll be joining this ddc! Due date January 24th :) Hoping for a home birth this time around, and a better success at breastfeeding. I've been having morning sickness this time around, something I never experienced with  my first :(
I think I'm 9 dpo now. I'm pretty sure I o'd on the 5th, We did it on the 3rd. Such a long way away until I can test :( I did notice that my breasts feel much more tender than what is usual, but that's about it for symptoms...
That's how I handle it lol!
Hi, I'm barely on here, but I'm in the 2WW and dying! I'm 4 d.p.o for my second child :)
Can I ask why all of you said as long as she wore shoes? My toddler barely ever wears shoes...Just if she's walking around outside, and even then she still doesn't as long as the ground is ok...She's much more happier wearing just something on her feet like footie jammies or just socks. Is this a danger or germ thing?
Thank you for your kind reply! You seem to know exactly what I'm going through :) She's so loving, yet some of the things she says is so outrageous and hurtful. 
Not sure if this should go here or gentle discipline...   Yesterday at the store, my 13 month old was crying and standing in the basket of the cart, trying to get out of the cart, and throwing things over the side...being a typical one year old imo. My response was to keep things away from her that she would hurt by throwing, and when she would throw something I'd tell her something like "I don't like that, no throwing please" or if she'd stand up I'd say "Sit down...
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