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Every baby I've known goes through this stage, I think it's hilarious and extremely adorable, and stops way too soon! Like learning to blow raspberries. Enjoy this little quirky thing that they do!
We just use clothes that are one size bigger than normal. Tops and babylegs work great too, but I had to wait a few months before they worked good. Oh, and I use lots of dresses.
My mom does use softener, and when I wash at her house, I just use a baby wipe or washcloth or something and wipe out the dryer before I put my dipes in, its absolutely easy and takes like 5 seconds. Not a big hassle at all.
stupid question, but what's the reason for going coverless?
I have done four washes without soap to see if there was anymore soap buildup, and every time there is a lot of soap suds still. Do I just keep doing soapless washing until no suds, or should I try boiling?
I've never used fabric softener in my entire life. Everything seems soft enough to me.
I have four gro-baby shells with 8 inserts, 8 bamboo mother-ease os, 4 covers, two fuzzibunz aio, 12 cotton dipes that I don't know what brand,and 20 prefolds. I really wish I could afford buying more!
Wow, I've used my gro-baby for almost 5 months, and the velcro still looks great. They still fit my 17 pound baby wonderfully! If you're having problems though, I'd convert to snaps.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlh I used Zolowear ring slings with my kids...they were so great and i used them a lot! They are still in great shape and i was able to pass them on to friends now that my kids are too large for the slings. This, I LOVE my Zolowear sling! I have used it since my baby was a couple weeks old, and now at 4.5 months, she still loves it!
At her two month appt I just said I was still thinking about it and we left without getting any. Now her 4 month appt is coming up and still unsure. My instincts are telling me not too, but I just don't know. I went to the bookstore yesterday to sit and do more research, and there was a book that caught my eye about natural/alternative parenting and it had a chapter about vaccinations. It was fairly balanced ( a bit more pro-vax), but something it said stood out to me. It...
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