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Quote: Originally Posted by november Well, my daughter is only 4.5 months old and not vaccinated, but so far, no sickness at all (and born smack dab in the middle of flu season). Same thing here, except my 4.5 month old officially got her first head cold yesterday.
I heard Dreft was a no-no, and though it's supposedly hypoallergenic I broke out in a bad rash from it. I have super sensitive skin. We use All Free and Clear in the liquid, and it works great. With my last cloth diaper purchase the vendor threw in a free box of eco-nuts, they are really cool!
Use them and LOVE them! They are trim, but hold ALOT. Have had no leaks or blowouts. They are super convenient to use too! I have snap and velcro, and prefer velcro on these ones. I have a big chubby baby and they fit great on her.
So does it come lanolized though? And then can I just use it straight from the store without washing it a few times first? Do I have to lanolize every month on top of using the woolcure?
I know this has been asked a million times but the search function isn't working for me. I just bought an Imse Vimse wool cover, this one, and I don't know how to prep it! With the other dipes I bought I washed them 3 times and line dried them. How many times do I wash the wool cover? With what temp water? With what detergent? The store threw in a bottle of Imse Vimse Woolcure, do I use that every wash, or just once a month? Is it the same thing as lanolizing? If not,...
Thanks I'll look into it!
Thanks I meant the Thirsties Duo, not the aio. I order several motherease, but their company is having problems getting any diapers shipped, so the store is going to let me switch them out for another brand...
A new AIO. I'm thinking about the Thirsties. Does anybody know if they work ok with a chunky thighed baby? Thanks!
^ Thanks, I'll try that too!
Thanks! I tried them with the rise all unsnapped, it seemed to make it less tight, but seemed a bit big too. I'm going to try what Adsullata said and also try to put the bottom button on a bigger setting...
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