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Hi! I'm new and I'm also from Kansas, Wichita, trying to find friends that believe the same ideals as me, pm me anytime if you want to! Channelle
I LOVE Garbanzo beans, I would put them in everything if I could. My favorite food ever is hummus!:
Hi I'm from Wichita, and dying to meet someone who thinks like me. All my friends, family, and co-workers think I'm a weird radical or something. I don't have children yet, ttc in about a year, but I am trying to live life organically, it's just hard to figure it out alone, (i grew up very not organic). Feel free to message me or anything!
Hi everyone! My name is Channelle and I am from Wichita, KS. I have no children yet, but I can hardly wait to ttc, though maybe in a year or so. I work at Babies R Us, and we just recently in the last month started carrying Mothering magazine. It was the first time I've read the magazine, and I LOVED it! I even got a subscription! I never knew that a group/magazine like this even existed. I feel like I'm the only one of my kind where I live. I work with a bunch of women,...
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