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I cried on DS's first day of Kindergarten! Not because I felt like I was leaving him in incapable hands or in a poor school, but more because, "ooooh, my baby is growing up!" The first day of Kindergarten is a big day! They were happy tears, as opposed to scared, unsure, "I'm doing the wrong thing" tears. The PP who likened it to crying at weddings was right on.
[QUOTE=Christi;8803420 Because I work with so many Brits I knew what most of the words were that normally I would not be familiar with. Plait=braid, cv=resume, tinned pears= canned pears. Those are just a few of the words that I know would not be in the American version[/QUOTE] These words are in the American verision of DH. Hermione has her hair in a plait, I believe Vernon was moaning about his CV (which means Curriculum Vitae, and is definitely used in the US) and...
My son is 50 lbs, and he has the long belt path and no recline bar. The install is rock solid. I'm confused as to the reason of the change. It's in a 98 Honda CRV. No lower anchers, but we do have the top tether, and his seat is tethered. Why the change? Since his install is so rock solid, why do we have to mess around with a good thing? Geez, I don't even know if we have the recline bar anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by artgoddess Thought of another one. When I used to cocktail waitress there would always be some person who was shocked when I carded them, "you're carding me??!! but I'm so OLD." You just reminded me of when I worked in a grocery store that sold beer. We had to card everyone who appeared under 40. Let me tell you, the women LOVED it. I LOVED carding women, because they were so happy that some college student...
Well, I've thought about this for years sorta...but only in terms of breastfeeding. With DS, I realize that the likelihood of his kids being breastfed is largely dependant on future DIL; how she was raised, her personal beliefs on the matter, her experiences, etc. Of course, I hope that DS will be encouraging her breastfeeding any way possible. As my MIL used to be disapproving of my kids breastfeeding so long (and heartily voiced her opinion against our decision to...
7 mos with DS 2.5 mos with DD Co-slept with both, and EBF both. My body just likes to menstruate, I guess!
OP, I think it's FANTASTIC that you took the mouse to the vet. Vets are surely expensive, and your son will remember FOREVER that you took his mouse in. And one day, when he realizes how expensive veterinarians are, he'll receive the OTHER part of your gift. Well worth the $80, IMO. Great job, mama!!
About 1994, when I was in college, and my roommate and I passed a Blockbuster that was advertising on their marquee three movies that were just released on video: Dave The Firm Rising Sun My roommate and I laughed and laughed about that for weeks afterwards!
My goodness, $50? I want you for MY friend! If they're not super close friend, but more than just an acquaintance, probably $7-10. Closer friend, $10-15 Relative, $20-25
My kids are 3 yrs 4 mos apart, and I love the spacing. It wasn't planned; we were aiming for 2 yrs apart, but in hindsight I'm THRILLED that it didn't end up that way. 2yo's are still babies in so many ways, and I know I couldn't have handled it! My kids' spacing worked out perfectly. When DD was born, DS was old enough to be independent in the potty, get his own simple snacks, get his own drinks, and to delay satisfaction. Ie, "I'll make you lunch as soon as DD is...
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