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You can walk to a DVD when the kids are asleep. Yes, you can walk outside in nice weather, but then you have to walk at the pace of a 5 yo and a 2 yo, which isn't exactly aerobic exercise. IF DH actually gets home from work early enough, it is possible to go walking sans kids. But it's not reliable by any means. Speaking from my own experience, of course.
And the bonus from pre-ordering it from Amazon is as long as you don't select the free shipping option, they will upgrade your shipping for free to next day air. They make a big announcement about it a couple of weeks before the release date, that if you place a pre-order, you'll get free next day shipping, which means you'll have the book in your hot little hands the morning of the release date! (It releases Saturday, they ship them Friday.) At least, that's what...
My DS also hated grass when he was a baby/toddler. He also had some other sensory issues - he hated getting messy, hated things on his hands, oral aversions, etc. But now he's 5 yo, and he'd live outside in the dirt and grass if he could! My DD never had any sensory issues, and never had a problem with grass.
Wow! Y'all are making me feel so much better! The worst place I ever puked was in my garage. I had just put one of those herbal preggo lollipops in my mouth when suddenly I decided I couldn't stand that particular flavor! I briefly considered telling my husband that a stray cat wandered into our garage and puked there!
When I was pg whe DS was 3 yo, I always just let him have some of what I was having. Even if it was just saltines or other "nausea" foods, that aren't necessarily healthy in and of themselves. When I got over the nausea and could once again eat healthy foods, I would just snack on fruit and veggies (or yogurt or a peanut butter sandwich or whatever) and let DS have the same. It was fun having a special snack together. IMO, 5 yo's (my DS is now 5) are too much into...
My 5 yo DS has had swimming lessons for one year. I don't know the definition of "swimming", but he can certainly get around the shallow end of the pool. I'm pretty sure he's not doing an official stroke. Right now he's just learning about kicking and taking full strokes, and breathing and floating, and doing sit dives. In terms of the Red Cross labeling, he's still a Beginner.
Quote: Originally Posted by MissAnnThrope When I was pregnant with dd I had to go to the potty early in the morning and when I got back to bed I sat on the edge and on the blanket. When I pulled the blanket out form under myself I flipped myself into the floor. It hurt but I landed on my bum. My BF at the time said I was there and then I wasn't This had me in hysterics!! :
Joanne Rowling herself is VERY anti-racist, and has always said that the house-elf slavery issue is an important theme in the books, and will be resolved in book 7. The same thing applies for the discrimination of muggles/mudbloods/purebloods etc. The books were NEVER meant to be stand-alone books, and shouldn't be taken that way. They were always intended to be a series, with many of the issues and themes and mysteries not resolved until the last book. To say...
I voted for Muggle Studies. Since I am one, I've got a good grasp on the subject matter, anyway!
nauseous does not equal nauseated. If you are nauseated, you feel ill. If you are nauseous, you make other people feel ill.
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