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I've signed up for the Warrior Dash and plan to sign up for 2 more similar adventure-style races.  Is anyone else planning on running any of these?  Has anyone run any before?  These will be my first and I'm quite excited!  In fact, they'll be my first races ever!   2 out of 3 of them are not in our city, so we're planning to take our pop-up camper to those and make weekends out of them.  I cannot wait!
Rapiscan, one of the manufacturers of the nude-o-scopes, was a client of former head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff's security consulting company.  He was a huge proponent of the machines.  I'm sure  he's made millions from them.
We really like Kenney's Gymnastics!
I still need more respondents. Anyone who is a K-12 teacher with at least one student on their caseload with a disability is invited to take this 5-10 minute survey. Forward the link to your colleagues! Thanks!
I've heard/read that sweet potatoes are good for helping with fertility. I don't know how true this is, but when I conceived DS, I was eating sweet potatoes everyday and I have PCOS. What I've read about them is that they have some kind of estrogen mimicking quality in them. Also, there's some tribe somewhere where the diet consists of lots of sweet potatoes and the women are highly fertile. Far from scientific advice, I know, but hope it helps and good luck!
I am a doctoral student and need K-12 teachers with at least one student with a disability/IEP on their caseload to take my survey for my dissertation. It only takes 5-10 minutes and is found here: http://ceres.cals.ncsu.edu/surveybui...m?TestID=10535 Thanks for your help!
I went off of the pill in January 2007 after my period, got pg in March/April with no period since the January one. DS was born in December 2007. I haven't had another period since the one in January 2007. We're still bf'ing a lot, but my system does not seem to be rebooted.
I haven't had a period since January 2007. DS was born 12/2007 and he still nurses a lot. I'll be watching this thread. We're TTC but since there's been no AF yet, we're not very hopeful. I also have PCOS.
Claire Danes and Laura Prepon (from That 70s Show) are who people used to tell me I looked like. Not so much anymore.
I would recommend NOT getting the Plan Toys shopping cart. Our children's museum has them and they're designed such that the bottom wheels closest to the child stick out further than the handle. The kids end up tripping over and kicking the wheels constantly. Poor, poor design.
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