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What a beautiful birth! Congratulations.
Congrats! My son was born on Halloween too
What a wonderful birth! Congratulations!
I used to love this site until they sold out. Now its almost a watered down babycenter. I went to a fb group with the ddc from my first birth and rarely come here anymore :/ The lounge is completely inactive as well-I don't even understand why they have it when it's impossible to get access. Cynthia mosher finally granted me access-and I didn't even pos bc I had my baby the next day. You're better off looking through the old posts or going to Laura shanley's forums and...
What a teensy cutie! Congratulations
Congratulations. Love his whole outfit!
Congratulations. I hope everyone heals up soon and you get lots of cuddles.
That's fantastic news! I hope they're able to wean her from the meds easily and quickly so you can get her home ASAP!
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