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Congratulations! I love her name. It sounds like it was a beautiful birth.
Love it! 
Awesome birth, mama. I've been considering Azul as a first name, so I love that! Congratulations!
I like it.
Yep, I've had some occasionally. I probably wouldn't during the first trimester, but after that, I'm ok with it. Having a couple of beers isn't the same as going out and getting wasted.
the person listed finally pm'd me (after I'd been asking a few weeks) and said she's asked to be taken off several times. PM broodymama or darkblue0729 instead. I just pm'd broodymama this am, so I'm hoping to finally get access, otherwise I give up! Sheesh!
You can definitely do it. Don't let yourself be pressured into the hospital. Dates aren't always right, and some babies just cook for an extra long time. (I'm in a similar boat-had a midwife homebirth planned until 37 weeks and now due to various circumstances am having my 2nd UC) Best of luck mama. Do what feels right to you.  
I wasn't clear, I was meaning the palms/soles of your hands and feet =) Obviously it can be on the back of your hands and tops of your feet (and even in between fingers and toes-which is awful)  
They're pretty much medwives there. I've been to mahec for other issues, and wasn't happy.  If you're looking for a hospital water birth, I HIGHLY recommend Lauren Livingston at Community family practice. She's a wonderful family practitioner who also does GYN/OB. She's our family dr. and would have been my OB had I wanted a hospital birth. My friends who have birthed with her said it was their best birth experience ever. (not to mention, you're not techinically...
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