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12 weeks, 3rd kid
We aren't doing any this time. We did the Doppler at the dr last week but I'm switching to a midwife who only uses a fetoscope so no more Doppler. I have a boy and girl and don't care to find out the sex.
The risks and side effects of getting an epidural were enough tO keep me from ever having one. I was induced with my first; other than the induction, i was med free. My daughter was completely natural. I used hypnobabies with both. I think it's important to take a birthing class, not just go in without any foreknowledge.
How funny-I'm autumn and I'm from western NC! Welcome!
I had a planned UC with my 2nd, and this 3rd is planned to be our last, so I really wanted a real, midwife attended homebirth. Ours aren't even that much-$2500, but there is no way I can save that between now and birth, so another UC it is.
Anyone else planning on (or thinking about) birthing unassisted? We were thinking of having a midwife this time but that's not happening for a myriad of reasons. My husband and I were the only ones present for our daufhter's birth and it was lovely. We did lots and lots of research and had what we could on hand in case of emergency. It was more of a last minute decision last time ( around 35 weeks I think) so we have much more time to prepare and plan this time!
Sadly this is going to be our last. I'd like to have 4 or 5, but when I brought it up again the other day, my husband said he's getting a vasectomy as soon as the baby is born and everything is fine. I'm sad but he really only wanted 2, so it's a compromise. I thought maybe we would adopt some day, but who knows. It definitely wouldn't be a baby.
I think you should be able to carry on a conversation but oh can be breathing heavy.
I am having a homebirth, one way or another lol. I had midwives that were covered by my insurance last time (mostly) but I won't use that practice again. CPMs aren't legal here, and turns out it's more expensive than I thought (not that they deserve less, just...I have no savings) $2500. In 7 months. How in the heck are people with unplanned pregnancies supposed to do this? My husband is looking at having less taxes taken out at work, but other than me getting a job...
From everything I've read online, the heart rate thing is outdated and not very accurate. You're better off using the talk test as a measure of intensity.
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