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I moved from AZ to western MA 2 years ago and then to VT a year ago. The lack of sunlight REALLY really affects me. I have been dealing with some major depression in the winters because of it. This winter I will have a baby so I am hoping that distracts me a bit (I am usually pretty happy after my babies are born due to endorphins I just have to be careful of lack of sleep) but I am planning lots of projects I have been wanting to get done (namely hobbies I enjoy like...
I guess I was suggesting support from the natural childbirth community rather than pity of the mom and vilification of the medical establishment. because whether you believe it or not c/s's DO save lives.
looking for some good winter reads!!!!!!!
Where in w. Mass? I lived in Greenfield for a year and have a friend there who is MW if you want a recommendation. The natural birthing community is very large though, you shouldn't have a problem.
I hardly believe 5-15% of c/s are dehumanizing. SO yes I asked the question REALLY? Because really? Are there that many victims? According to who? THose that want to feel sorry for c/s moms? I Have seen over and over moms become victims of the natural childbirth community attitudes though. Moms who were handling their experiences fine until they are repeatedly told they did the wrong thing or are continually pitied. I think the trauma of having a c/s is slim and made...
Um wow, this thread makes it sound like the woman who has a csection is doomed. Sure it can be dissapointing but dehumanized? Really? (Yeah I could tell from the OP you haven't had a c/s!!) Personally my c/s done w/ the utmost respect and care as far as I could tell. My Dr's and MW did not dehumanize the experience for me or my babe in the least. No need to feel pity for us! I really pity those who feel they need to waste their energy onjudging someone else's...
are you sure they aren't termites?
I have barely any clothes that fit minus several old pairs of yoga pants and tees. I am feeling frumpy and need at least a couple of decent outfits. I am making some of these. http://www.make-baby-stuff.com/wrap-skirt-pattern.html I am just unsure of what fabrics to get though. Need to go shopping..I have one lighter weight one in the works but need something heavier for the next couple of months. Any suggestions on fabrics would be appreciated! If you sew it it...
sounds about right to me depending how old the pullets are. I have paid $20 alone for a rooster before. (In an area without a huge farm/ chicken population)
No way, no how. You aren't even "allowed" to feed your baby? I'm sorry but I wouldn't want to socialize in any capacity with people that feel they could dictate that. Family or not. That's just over the top, beyond rude.
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