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Waiting for mine. I moved so I just requested a new one with my correct address. Love getting it each year!
10pm with my first (active labor started at 1am) babe was born via c/s a 2am the next day=28 hours of labor-5 hours pushing 2pm with my second (active labor started at around 10pm)babe was born (VBAC) at 11:15am=21 hours of labor- 4 hours pushing
Quote: Originally Posted by JavaJunkie You said essentially the same thing that I did. Which was what my #1 meant. Sorry if that wasn't clear enough. gotcha!
Quote: Originally Posted by JavaJunkie I said that both conditions(the 1 & 2 that I listed) needed to be met in order for the grandparents to have any sort of possible case for visitation rights, per what I read on the matter. #1 is not a valid reason for visitation. (even with #2)
Quote: Originally Posted by JavaJunkie It's more than just that, even. I looked into this issue when I cut off contact with my parents. If both parents are living and agree that the grandparents should not have contact with the kids, then that trumps all. Nothing else matters. The grandparents' rights usually come into play when 1) the grandparents have had a large role in caring and providing for the child and 2) one of the parents has died and the...
um, everything I used to get at the co-op! kids vitamins bubble bath shampoo/conditioner burts bees dr bronners hand soap essential oils and some carrier oils lotion bug repellent toothpaste seriously I save sooo much $$$ ordering from them. I think I saved well over $50 the last time I ordered.
I never had any issues at all with the radio flyer. I guess the one we had is called the pathfinder. http://www.amazon.com/Radio-Flyer-Pa...6188490&sr=8-1
I'd go and try them out at TRU or elsewhere. I used our radio flyer wagon ALL THE TIME and took it everywhere when my kiddos were 3 and 4yo. It was the plastic 2 seater with the fold up seats and seatbelts. there is one just like it with the canopy as our friend had that one..( it is super sturdy, I also used it to haul hay bales for my goats and rocks from my yard so it was super tough and withstood a ton of use. (Love that the wheels don't deflate under any...
I the feed the freezer thread. Here's the honey baked lentil recipe. I would love some freezable veggie burger recipes. Things I like to freeze are; -soups -veggie lasagna -shepards pie w/ mushroom gravy(from the How it all Vegan cookbook) -chili -cooked beans -enchiladas -burritos -quiche -pie/pizza crusts -cookie dough -muffins -mashed potatoes -berries!!! (we bought 30# of blueberries last summer and they lasted until May, I am trying to do...
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan Pretty sure that law was intended for families where there was a divorce and one parent was awarded full custody and is keeping the child entirely away from their other grandparents without cause. nope that is perfectly acceptable and alone won't get grandparents visitation.
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