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Unless the grandparents are supporting your kid financially and raising him they really don't have many rights to visitation. I feared my kids grandfather would try to pull this when I cut contact but it's a no go unless they are basically caring for the child a majority of the time.
I got rid of my Blackberry (Went back to Tracfone) and am saving like $1000 a year!
My pitbull/st bernard puppy went through almost the same thing at around 4mo. (looking too skinny) I am pretty sure she was eating the Wellness food too..she did have worms when we got her at 2 mo but we quickly remedied that and I think she was just growing soooo super fast. (she is now 61lbs and not looking super skinny anymore, though she is lean.) We changed her food as she was throwing it up alot (she would eat too fast and too much) she is eating Innova large breed...
I have not picked a provider yet. (and am in no hurry) I have many names though! I am not sure I will birth at home. I had placenta accreta last pregnancy if that happens again I will likely plan a hospital birth. (I had a UP and planned a UC last pregnancy but transferred in the last hour of labor) That wasin AZ and I feel I have TONS more options here in VT! (I am also close enough to MA and NH so those are options too if push comes to shove..) But I won't know about...
I have lived in many rentals and they have all allowed gardening. It is usually one of my top 5 prerequisites when renting a place. You can also grow alot in pots. Herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, cucumbers, lettuces, blueberries,etc. Another option is check and see if there is a community garden in your area.
the February DDC is up now! wow! this pregnancy is going by faster than expected! btw, popcorn is good for heartburn.
Spotting is definitely something that happens during some yeast infections when you are PG. It happened to me with my first child. I had used a suppository then I guess my cervix became irritated. If you have had sex recently it could be from that too. If you are really worried go to the ER. (I'd go in personally to see what is going on) I bet everything will be fine.
I hope you recover quickly.
I see. thanks for clarifying. My kids have a trust fund that was set up when their dad died but it's not actually a legal trust. It's been in several accounts but it's not an actual trust per say. Just something to be aware of. It sounds like this trust (if it exists) is way more than what I am dealing with though so YMMV. I think I'd probably just wait until he dies if it were me but I am also not you so you have to follow your heart on this one.
Guinea fowl are good at keeping snakes away. They are easy to keep "wild" too..
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