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Parables from Nature
This sounds dangerous. I mean you wouldn't leave a dog in a car sitting in weather this hot, even with a window open. You all could end up really sick. I would just skip this appointment. You have plenty of time to "make it up".
Here's another idea I just saw on my FB feed for a tea bag wallet! Too cute! Not to mention something small and sweet!
Welcome from another Vermont mama!
If you like Nag Champa (incense) you can get the Nag Champa soap/ oil too, or better yet the Karma line by LUSH smells just like it too! yumyum!
Maybe try here. I am downloading it now! It looks promising anyhow!
My 5yo is obsessed with saving change. She regularly cashes it in at the coinstar machine. Last time she had $25. Last time I cashed in my own change I had over $500! (probably about 5 years worth of change)
Try finding a source for amber (solid perfume or oil) or sandalwood (oil)! Your local coop probably carries them. It may be one of those.
I received a Kindle for my bday which I am especially excited for using while nursing a newborn this time around because I read A LOT while nursing in those early days and weeks. But winter will be settling in too soon after this babe is born so I want to start loading up my Kindle.. Do you mamas have any good fiction recommendations? Light reading or feel good books would be good..non fiction is ok too if it's something interesting..try me! TIA!
lunchbag tutorial I think I just found what I can send the peanut butter cups in! yippee!
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