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We get ours at our large (semi local) co-op. You can order in bulk too. I think ours comes from Minnesota?
Another one here who shops through Amazon and Rainbow Resource for sure! I don't think I've bought from anywhere else. Oh wait, Discount School Supply is where we get most of our art supplies! I order in bulk several times a year for those. That's about it. (And the library) I am looking for a place with good science kits if anyone has a source.
great list! Quote: Originally Posted by SparklingGemini I just finished reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and loved it so much I started reading it to my three year old. I also recently read The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate which was wonderful but probably a bit too much for my DD, so I'm waiting 'til she's four. Since your little one is quite a bit older, that might fit the bill. It reminded me a lot of Caddie Woodlawn. The Night...
Pippi Longstocking
this is my DP's first babe and he is super excited about babywearing. I want to get him a "new dad" gift but not sure which wrap/sling? (We have a hotsling thus far and will get another ergo too as I sold my old one, but looking for something just for him) so maybe a not so feminine but a more manly cool print?
I have been feeling under the weather the last couple of days so behind on this weeks work already. heidirk- I think that's fine about the blog being used as a sample. cograts on your newfound freedom Mommyhawk!
I'm thinking of doing a variation of this pillow's pattern for a quilt/wall hanging for the babe. Our babe's name is Sequoia so I should probably do the trunk reddish/brown too! there is another really cute quilt I saw somewhere I want to make. It's all solid except for the squares or pattern are colored bunting flags..they are from recycled men's shirts and it was very cute. I lost the link but I will post if I come across it.
Definitely going to check out the Zen Moon Pads now! Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by VeggieLovinMama Hi there, I'm due in September and I've already used cloth pads PP for my last birth. I'd say it definitely depends on how often you do laundry and how much room you have in your budget for this. I'd think prefolds would be economical--but I wouldn't use them b/c I think there would be too much bulky cloth. I really recommend and prefer wool...
I definitely need something for like 4 weeks other than pf's as I tend to bleed for that long post birth. Not heavily, but consistently. I may be able to get away with pantyliners though after the first week. I bought 8 pads thus far off etsy through this shop. I got overnight ones but I should have gotten just regular ones probably. oops! (I also ordered 20 nursing pads from her too)
these crocheted slippers would make great gifts!
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