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: Congrats! :
many to you mama. have you checked the house sharing section of craigslist? Or maybe a possibly an ecovillage nearby? It's worth a shot in any case.
It could be your common bile duct/pancreas. Have you been feeling nauseated during these episodes? Your gallbladder can also have effect on the common bile duct which is located in the center between the gallbladder and pancreas. I had a gallbladder attack with gallstones stuck in the common bile duct and my pain was burn like stabbing in the center. The issue with fat makes me think gallbladder but it could be your pancreas as well!
to OP I hear about morphine abuse from my mom who works in geriatrics ALL the time. It is VERY very common along with oxycontin. Also a hard habit to break. Most the times the families are ASKING for the drugs too so it makes it harder I think. I have seen the withdrawal kill one's will to live too.
Quote: Originally Posted by texmati And I very much believe that at those times when someone is grieving, their grief is very much about them. not always. have you lost a spouse? the father of your children?
There is a bar called "The Library" in Phoenix too! Quote: Originally Posted by notjustmamie Outside of Chicago: A Good Pizza Place (and it was) My Thai (which, oddly, was a dry cleaners) And speaking of odd, here in Sioux Falls, there's a bar called The Library. We've also been seeing some signs lately for a new daycare called Kids Crossing, which just seems a little strange. What are they crossing? Where? My favorite, though was outside...
yeah I suppose it's good if you don't mind paying out of pocket then. I am just annoyed with landlords that don't update/upkeep!!! (a big pet peeve!) sounds like the OP will be happy! Quote: Originally Posted by BetsyS I guess from my point of view, someone else may own the house, but if you are living there, it's your home. And, to me, it's worth a couple of hundred dollars a year to make my home pretty and make me smile when I come home. Sure,...
cool. I hope it goes in easily and you love it! :
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