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I forgot to mention my total is for 4 people x3 meals per day and snacks. (My DP works from home and the kids don't go to school). We also get a 15% discount at the co-op so that helps!!!
I still wouldn't pay to put it in a rental and I've lived in a rental with crappy linoleum flooring.. Long term or not you shouldn't have to pay to upkeep/improve someone elses home! Maybe you could ask the landlord if he/she'd pay for the materials and you will do the work or at the very least reduce your rent to compensate your costs? That said, I really doubt you will even want to take twice used laminate with you, yk? I would really seriously ask the landlord to...
you are paying for the flooring in a rental? why isn't the landlord paying for it?
what are roly polys? like a stink bug?
I find it really annoying when other people try to parent others kids. : I would give someone an earful if this happened to my kid. Ridiculous!
Yeah I guess, but that sounds pretty extreme and not at all like it's being addressed if her socks are stuck to her feet! ugh! That poor little girl!
I am simply appalled about the socks! I would have called CPS again and again until they DO something. This is beyond excusable. Obviously the situation is not being remedied. What is the matter with your director that she is not on the phone with the parents or CPS herself? :
No way is this normal!!!! It really sounds like your parents have boundry issues.
why do you need them wet? we have only ever used them dry. My 3.5yo and 5yo do great with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by shimmer I'm so very sorry for you family's loss. I know from experience that healing is a slow process. When my daughter died I spent some time in a blur. I appreciated meals, flowers, and friends calling to check on me. But, it honestly blurs together. What made the difference was the friends and family that were in it for the long haul. The ones that asked about me and about her. The ones who would mention her name in...
New Posts  All Forums: