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Pools work AWESOME! I have a friend who does this and it works wonderful! Also try freecycle for free planters!
Quote: Originally Posted by Metasequoia I thought melanomas were "hereditary", not "caused" by the sun? I thought melenomas were caused by the sun. I have never heard it's hereditary. Melanin is hereditary, is that what you meant?
I think it comes down to environment, stress levels, emotions and diet.
Not true. My sister used pot through all of her pregnancies and told her OB upfront all 3 times that she is a toker. She smoked during labor too before going to the hospital. The only thing that happens in the event of a hospital birth is a social worker will come by after you are released to check your home out and make sure you have everything you need for baby, like diapers, bed,etc.. (This is in NY State so I guess it would depend on the state but I also think meth...
I am not estranged from my own mother but do find it better for my sanity when we don't live in the same city/state. I am however estranged from my late DH's family. Not the same at all but difficult at times especially when they try to weasel their way back into our lives. I recently let his sister back into our lives for about 6 months. I have since had to cut her back out because I find it so maddening and she is the only one benefiting.I truly know in my heart she and...
Yes but the ones who have paid it usually says (AP) at the beginning of the article or something at the end. I think that is required legally. I guess there are only so many ways to report a news story with limited info. is my thought. (these aren't reprints as it's not exactly the same but rewritten material you know they got the info. from the AP wire)
Here is an example...albeit not a great one. Usually I see it more in celebrity news. I will try to post some more as I find 'em. I have seen this repeatedly though and it bugs me for some reason! http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/...waz9AD98DDU5O2 http://www.brookfieldnow.com/news/45985227.html http://www.todaystmj4.com/news/local/45981792.html I realize this isn't word for word but the IDEAS and formatting are just so much the same. The first two articles basically...
I wished someone had brought me cooked meals in the weeks following. The most memorable thing someone did for me was a dear friend told me I could call her anytime, day or night, even at 3am if I needed to talk. She also came over and checked in on me weekly and she would come over once a week and bring things from the HFS or help make a meal and play with the kids. It was VERY appreciated after everyone else went on with their lives.
Quote: Originally Posted by mysticmomma Good idea rainbowmoon... and since you put veggies and fruits in your walmart bought container, I won't be docking any crunchy points from you today.
Instead of holes you can also cut an X in the top of the box for each cone. Makes them a little more secure. I have a plastic cupcake carrier w/ a lid and handles and I LOVE it. (I got it at walmart for around $10 I use it for alot of other things too for potlucks like cut up veggies, watermelon slices,etc.
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