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I thankfully live in an area where NONE of these things are very controversial. In fact most people I meet do a lot of the same things! Though there aren't many homeschoolers around.
These sound yummy. Unfortunately I don't think they are REALLY sugar free with the maple syrup. (1 tbsp. of maple syrup contains 43 grams of sugar btw) But I guess it's better than regular old sugar (which isn't veg anyway). Anyway sorry to be a party pooper! I am definitely going to try this recipe!! THANKS! ps) I also wanted to say out of all the sweetners I have tried agave nectar has the lowest sugar content..just a thought.
these are AWESOME! http://www.amazon.com/Lily-Padz-Lily.../dp/B000YOUIN6
I think you meant Asia Carrera Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty This. I can't say I wouldn't UC in your position, but last thing you want is to pass out while in labor or after, etc. and not have anyone to call 911 if needed. Plus it would be nice to have someone around to feed and care for your LO right after birth. I know I don't have the energy to move for at least a couple days after birth. Tia Carrera had a UC with just her daughter there....
Plan something fun for you and your DD to do when she gets back. Don't feel bad you don't like camping!!! Though I know it's more your DD reaction. Try not to take it personal. Your daughter obviously knows you don't like camping. Maybe she just wants fun "Dad" time? Maybe you could do some things you don't get to do when your DD is home (or things she doesn't enjoy)? As for facebook. I'm willing to bet 1/2 the "happy family" pics are a facade..Everyone has problems but...
you might find a good sewing machine via Freecycle. I have seen some perfectly good ones offered (in working order).
that poor little girl.
lurking~ as I am new to the area. Only a few weeks until strawberry picking! : (I'm sooo excited) but I definitely want to pick organic
your local farmers supply should have them!
sweet! thanks!
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