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Like my husband always says, "Can you blame 'em?" As annoying as it is to us (and it can just make my toes curl right up), they find it playful and sweet and curious and comforting, none of which are bad things. So really, can you blame 'em???
Good lord, just when I thought I re-gained my composure from the letter!!! More tears. What a lucky little boy to have such a thoughtful mama. Such a cool story, and one that I hope to keep in mind for our weaning days. All the best to ya, and good luck ttc.
Oh lord!!! Pass the tissues, mamas! What a poingnant note for your sweet little boy. I've had a rough time with a very sweet, but very high needs little boy. At 19 months we still nurse 'round the clock, and in particular, every half hour all night for the past week, as he hasn't been feeling well. I feel renewed in my strength to keep going after reading your letter, as I want to make sure that we wean at "right" time and have beautiful experience, rather then out of...
Ha! My son did this too, and he looked very proud and entertained that he put two of his favorite things together! Adorable!
Thanks! That's helpful.
My family and I are planning a move to Denver in the winter and we're trying to see if there are any alternative charter schools in Denver. We will not be able to afford private, and would really like to find a school that focuses on hands on learning, tailored to the individual, incorporating many often forgotten disciplines such as art and music, similar to a "free school". We're not in a rush (my son is only 18 months), but we want to make sure that we make the move...
Well, I'm not in Denver yet, but my lil' family is planning a big move to Denver in the winter (from Detroit) and we're very much looking for the same thing. I'd love to meet some cool mama's to hang out with once we're there. I also really like the philosophy of unschooling, but will be looking for an alternative charter school when the time comes, because I have to work. (If you know of any, do let me know.) I think we might have a lot in common...
I'll be there! Looking forward to seeing you ladies!
Hi! New to this thread... and happy to see some other like minded mamas. Hope every one is well!
Aww shucks! I'm so bummed to hear that so many have had issues with Dr. Schindler. I think I'm going to have to reconsider suggesting him to others. He's great for us, so far, but I don't want anyone else to have aless desirable experience with him. Good luck on your quest!
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