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We compost and make beautiful dirt for our garden. We also recently got chickens which add great fodder to the compost and will provide free range eggs for our family by fall.
Thanks! I just ordered the few things I needed to make this toothpaste. Can't wait to try it! My 5 yo ds has had over $1,500 in dental work in the past 9 months including a crown. Really hopeful that this combined with diet improvement will see change in his teeth's future health..
  Oh yeah! I had actually forgotten how labor was "not my favorite thing to do ever" since it had been 5 years since my last birth. During pushing phase this time I looked at dh and said, "Did it hurt this bad last time? I don't remember it hurting this bad before!"   I don't think that this is scaring you off of going into labor, though. If every woman who didn't feel that labor was her favorite thing never went into labor we'd have no babies! It'll be time when it's time.
My MW for ds told me to take IB for afterbirth pains. My current MW recommended sticking with herbal and homeopathic remedies and said to stay away from IB if I could because it's bad for my liver and gets passed onto baby.......but I have been taking it anyway. I found the afterpains too much to deal with without it. Much more intense after this, baby #3 than with the other two. I feel confident taking it in moderation. for short term.  
Our little girl Avila Claire was born Wednesday morning at 2:34am- in the caul! I know there was another mamma here who had a caul baby. Wild! She was was 8lb 1oz 20 3/4 ". It was 7 hours from first contraction to birth with about 2.5 hours of active labor. I tried to sleep between 10pm- 12am but started timing contractions at midnight when I knew sleep was impossible.  I called the MW about 1am after I was sure things were really getting going. She still hadn't...
Looks like it's time:) At MW appt today I requested an exam and she stimulated my cervix a bit. Not sure if that's what put me over the edge but I think it helped. Started early labor around 15 til 8. Tried sleeping around 10pm but couldn't. Feels like active labor now. Contrax about 5 minutes apart and definitely picking up. Excited to meet baby!
Great story, thanks for sharing:)   I love his little leggings. Too cute. What a bundle:)
Just posted in weekly chat then found this new thread.   41w 2d and done. I luckily don't feel too bad physically. Just emotionally I'm done. I'm a bit crabby and impatient today but I think that's just because I am 41w 2d!   I'm over trying anything on my own to get baby out. (Done homeopathy, walks, sex, EPO to prep cervix.) I also have no idea what my midwife's policy is on 42w +. My best guess based on her other policies and demeanor is that she probably...
I hear you Under!   I had a touch of bloody show last evening, too then a few crampy contractions and I got pretty excited but then I laid down for bed and woke up this morning with nothing! 41w 2d today. Longest I've ever gone and it's my third. So tired of sleeping next to an empty bassinet- I'm starting to get really frustrated with baby, too even though I know they are just doing what they need to.   I've walked, bounced, homeopathed. Now I am just...
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